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Behavioral assessments have become an increasingly important part of the hiring process over the last several years, especially as companies turn more toward skills testing as a means of evaluating candidates.

Behavioral Assessment

With 50% of CEOs expecting to spend less on recruiting in the coming years, companies must find ways to get the most out of their existing budgets.

However, traditional psychological assessment tests like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator have become less popular in recent years. While these tests provide information about a candidate’s personality, they do not reflect how people are likely to behave in a workplace.

eSkill offers a validated, reliable behavioral assessment, one that focuses on helping companies hire for the aptitude, personality and interests that best predict success on the job.

This validated behavioral assessment tool will give companies the best opportunity to measure how a candidate will react in situations they are likely to encounter in the workplace. Our tool helps ensure that business users find candidates with the best JobFit, meaning the person most suitable for the position.

Creating Behavioral Assessments with eSkill

Building a behavioral assessment for your open position starts with a job analysis. eSkill’s assessment experts will help you take a thorough look at the job description you are posting to identify the most important behavioral measures that top candidates should possess. After the job analysis is complete, you should have a list of the soft skills that will translate into a successful hire.

Insert a summary of how the behavioral process will be built using eSkill’s behavioral profile (eBP).

Reliability, Validity, and Behavioral Assessments

For behavioral assessments to be trusted, they need to be both reliable and valid. Reliability refers to the test’s ability to return similar responses time after time. If the same person takes the survey multiple times, a reliable assessment will return similar answers every time.

On the other hand, validity means accurately measuring the skills you intended to measure—specifically, those you think are most important to the job.

The eSkill Behavioral Profile (eBP) questions have been validated, meaning you can trust us to accurately assess a candidate’s hard and soft skills. Your testing expert will work with you to help ensure that any custom material that you add to your skills tests will also be reliable and valid.

The Benefits of Using Behavioral Assessment Tests

Adding behavioral assessments to your hiring process offers several benefits. According to Gallup, companies that regularly use testing to hire the best possible candidates earn 33% higher revenues than companies that employ traditional hiring methods.

Behavioral assessments are a powerful tool for projecting potential performance. By measuring how an employee reacts in situations they are likely to encounter, you can be more confident that they will know how to handle challenges they face in their day-to-day work.

Behavioral assessment tests are also useful for gauging how well a candidate might mesh with your company culture. While several people may possess the same technical skills, they may have very different ways of working. Those differences can play a key role in whether a candidate will succeed in your company. If a potential new hire prefers a slow-paced environment, they will not likely thrive in a hard-charging, competitive culture.

More than anything, behavioral assessments can help you avoid making a bad hiring decision. According to recruitment firm Robert Half, it can take nearly four months to replace a bad hire. This timeline can end up costing you a lot of money and productivity. With behavioral assessment tests, you can limit the potential for these mistakes.

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