How to Use Employment Assessment Test Solution to Choose Eligible Candidates?

It has never been easy to pick the right candidate for the right job. Enterprises spend a lot of time and money on the recruiting process. Gone are the days when a candidate is picked solely based on their resume. Many enterprises have come up with their own system of evaluation that involves anything from 3 to 20 stages/ levels where the candidates are filtered at each stage.

Despite having elaborated recruiting systems, enterprises ended up with the wrong candidates who added nothing productive or left the job in less than a year after joining. Imagine taking three months to carefully choose a candidate who decides to quit after six months. The reason could be anything. But it ultimately causes loss to the enterprise. The amount invested in the recruiting process and the salary paid for those six months is counted as a loss.

How can enterprises avoid such instances? How can enterprises pick candidates who stay with the business and be productive as well? Can enterprises cut down the time and money required to recruit these candidates?

Employment assessment test solution

That’s where pre-employment assessments became famous. Various service provider companies have come up with employment assessment test solution tools that streamline the recruitment process and enhance the quality of hire. Small, medium, and large scale businesses can use these tools to filter and identify the best candidates from the pool of applicants and further analyze their abilities to choose the right one for the job.

The assessments can either be a part of the recruitment process or can take over the entire process and simplify it. Some enterprises like to use individual assessments at different stages to get an in-depth picture of the candidates’ skills, knowledge, personality, behavior, etc. Other enterprises like to add various topics and themes to a single test and use it as the initial screening system.

That said, assessment tests can also be used to evaluate the skills and knowledge of existing employees of the enterprise. In fact, some businesses conduct employment assessments to evaluate the talent pool to find out the weak areas and make changes to the job descriptions. This allows enterprises to hire candidates with the skills the current employees lack.

The employment assessments can be used in various ways based on the requirements of the enterprise and the job. The following are some of the famous and regularly used tests in the market, irrespective of the industry to which the enterprise belongs to.

Behavioral Patterns

Over the years, the importance of employee behavior at the workplace has gained attention. Employee behavior is influenced by their personality and the work environment. Every enterprise has its own work culture that is in some way different from others. We know how top global organizations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. have become famous for creating a work environment that helps employees become more productive.

However, we can also notice that these organizations have almost contradictory workplace rules. Still, they are successful because the employees are comfortable. That shows the importance of choosing candidates who suit the work environment and can adapt to it without difficulty.

The way the candidates communicate, juggle between different projects, lead the team members, manage complex situations, etc. can be analyzed using employment assessments. The test forms include real-time scenarios where candidates have to answer open-ended questions. Also, the questions do not have any right or wrong answers.

Job-based Skills Assessment

As much as fitting into the work culture is important, the candidates should first have the necessary skills to understand the job and complete it as per the schedule. Skills can be both technical and non-technical.

For example, sales representatives and customer service employees need to have stronger soft skills to interact with dozens of people every day. A programmer or an accountant needs to have subject-based knowledge, be it in coding or accounting respectively.

Matching the skills mentioned on the resume to the skills possessed by the candidates is very important. Many research studies have found that candidates stretch the truth when writing their resumes. Moreover, learning a skill and being able to use it are two different aspects. The enterprises need to be sure that the candidates they choose are capable of applying their skills and knowledge at work to deliver the required results.

Employment assessment test solution tools help enterprises in creating a test form that can assess both quantitative and qualitative skills in less time. Enterprises that use the test tools have been able to reduce the time and money spent on the recruiting process by up to 60%.

The service provider companies provide a Test Advisor to each enterprise in selecting and creating the test form, conducting the test, evaluating the answers, and shortlisting the candidates for the next round of the selection process. 

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