Hiring Heavy Truck Haulers: Things to Consider and Why You Need Them

Flatbed trailers can only do so much. Most of the time, if you’re hauling a massive, wide, or extremely tall shipments, these heavy-haulers cannot get the job done.

Thanks to heavy haul trucking companies, these impossible jobs for flatbed trailers are entirely doable.

What You Need to Consider Before You Hire

When your over-dimensional shipments need to reach you within 24 hours, going on a special route is necessary. Trucking heavy hauls require specific trucks that are capable of carrying the shipment size.

Before you engage the services of any hauling company, you also need to know route-specific regulatory requirements. The familiarity of the route is a huge factor in choosing a heavy hauling company. Since they will be carrying your cargo across state lines, they must know when and how these rules apply. If you’re shipping internationally, knowledge of these shifting rules becomes more critical.

The safety of your shipment is an obvious concern. It’s also essential to know how your operations will suffer if your shipment is lost. While hauling companies vouch for your shipment’s safety, accidents can happen anytime.

To mitigate the risks, check the safety record of the heavy hauling company. It will also serve you well if you check the coverage of their shipment insurance policies.

Other factors that you should check are the track record or company reputation, rates, and added-value. Once you have checked everything, come up with a shortlist.

Now that you know what to consider, here are the reasons why you need to hire the services of a hauling company.

Need to Ship Large Industrial Equipment Pieces

If you transport huge industrial equipment pieces, construction components, or oil rig parts for business, you will surely need haul trucking. The state regulates the weight and size of all superloads. Your shipment may exceed the standard 13 ft by 6 inches by 8 ft legal dimensions. If you’re sending an overweight load, it will be shipped as a single unit that is over 80,000 pounds.

A heavy haul truck can help deal with these deliveries.

A significant number of trailers and trucks

Most hauling companies have more than one truck and trailer to accommodate their customers’ hauling requests. Partner with a heavy hauling company with the latest model of hauling equipment to cater to your transportation needs.

With heavy haul trucking, you can be assured that the company customizes its services based on your shipping needs. Each of these companies’ trucks and trailers is equipped with tracking systems.

Lesser Damage Risks

Since heavy haul companies have specialized trucks to carry your cargo, you won’t have to worry about freight damage. For example, you have to move a load on a short-term basis, including prefabricated beams for a major construction project. You cannot have these beams managed while in transit. If you use the services of a heavy haul company, they have specialized equipment that can securely pick-up and drop-off this high-dollar freight.

With your loads safely arriving at the destination, you keep your clients happy and gain more credibility. If you continue doing this for all your business transactions, you can also significantly grow your business.

Competitive Pricing

You may have a limited budget to ship your loads, but this should not be a problem with a trustworthy heavy haul company. Most hauling companies compute the price of shipment freight per mile instead of per pound. This can offer huge savings for your business. The even greater thing with most heavy hauling companies is that they can help you devise an option that perfectly caters to your business.

Partnering with a reputable heavy hauling company will not only save you money, but it can also help you build your brand and earn your customers’ trust.

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