How to become entrepreneurs with Sakura project

Who wants to become an entrepreneur in the Philippines ?

I’m a businessman in Japan, Me and my friend started supporting young passionate people. We have chosen 5 people for start up business, 3 programmers and 2 social media marketers who is passionate and has a goal in mind.

This project is simple they will create services that could help solve the problems in the Philippines with
the financial support coming from us.

At first I want to introduce the Team Leader, Kim Carlo, He is a programmer. He has some ideas to solve the problems and the skill to create services. However, he doesn’t have the money and the team to start this journey.

We help him to begin for business as an entrepreneur journey!

His goal is to try to solve the problem regarding reducing waste.

The mission is to create an online free market where anyone can buy and sell and create a new and better
value for the customer.

We created the Sakura Free Market so users could save money and would reduce the waste that would
help the community and environment.

Sakura Free Market is a platform where one can earn some cash by selling their preloved stuff that they
are not using anymore.

Using technology Block chain and matching platform.

These pictures are from the seminar for young people who aims to become an entrepreneur:

sakura project

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