Hydraulic Attachments: Parts that Could Take Your Project to the Next Level

More companies are considering the use of hydraulic machines for all their heavy projects. Getting the right parts for their hydraulic breakers and lifters is however what most of them overlook. For any job, having the right tools for the job is the first step to getting it done in the right way. The tough task is getting the correct attachments for your hydraulic machine or being able to identify the best ones. This article is meant to help you be aware of the different hydraulic attachments available in the market and how to correctly buy JCB machine parts.

hydraulic machine

The Breaker

Breakers are among the best attachments to ever exist for most carriers. They are tough and can break through any tough materials like rock. Nowadays they are mostly used for demolitions, excavations, trenching, asphalt cutting and even deconstructions. They are designed with a high intensity of force and they can push through any material. They are globally preferred because of their cheap maintenance costs and very cost effective in comparison to other parts.

The Bucket Crushers

This is a jaw crusher which is mounted on to a carrier. In the most common cases, the bottom of the bucket is fixed and the jaw is the one crushing different materials against them. Eccentric elements are the ones responsible for the movement of the jaw during the crushing process and they are mounted on an axle that is moved by the hydraulic motor. Return lines, pressure and free shock line are required for adaptation of the machine. Bucket crushers are most essential in crushing further the demolition materials that are used during backfilling purposes. They can furthermore be used at construction places for crushing large stones that are removed from the job area and can be used in smaller form for the building.

Combi Cutter

These attachments are also known as multiprocessors and were designed the cylinders and the host frame to accept carious substitutable jaw variations that are uniquely designed for unique applications. Jaws exist in many forms depending on the tasks, for instance, pulverizing, cutting steel and many more duties. They can be mostly found at demolition work areas being used as the basic demolition cutting equipment. These combi cutters are fitted with 3600 rotation devices and are more sophisticated than other hydraulic attachments like breakers. Unlike the normal breakers, combi cutters need a bidirectional circuit to be used for the opening, closing and the supplementary connections for rotation tasks.


Grapples are among the best demolition tools but they can also be used for sorting and loading different materials. Its initial structure is simplified consisting of one main rigid body and has two jaws that are mounted at the end of the frames. Two to four hydraulic cylinders are used to move the jaws during an operation. These grapples are equipped with a hydraulic rotator designed to make picking, positioning and sorting the different materials that are picked at a construction place and set onto their respective places.

The Magnet

This is an attachment that is self-contained that the generator uses to create a magnetic field at the bottom plate and is normally powered by the hydraulic motor. The magnetic force created can be very instrumental in holding the steel particles together, they are then demagnetized to make the particles drop instantly. The functions, in this case, can be controlled by the auxiliary hydraulic systems and remote controls.

These magnets can be used for demolition and even recycling tasks where loading and the separating of steel from other demolition materials. They are particularly helpful of getting rid of steel from areas where they could be dangerous to the well-being of pedestrians or even protect tires from punctures.


Pulverizers are common attachments for hydraulic machines and are used for demolishing materials especially between a fixed and a moving jaw to minimize the size of the particles in between and also fish out iron from the rest of the particles. Pulverizers are availed in two main designs, the bulk pulverizer, and demolition pulverizer. Bulk pulverizers are used to pick up demolished particles from a construction site. This is beneficial as there will be no need for rotators. What most people do not know is that without rotators, the hydraulic machine becomes much easier and even works much faster with more digging power. Demolition pulverizers, on the other hand, are used to crush different materials directly from their source, for example, a wall and then picking up the iron from it.

With all the above details on the attachments, it should be easier now to buy JCB machine parts.

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