John Spach’s 4 Tips to Make Your Office COVID Ready and Ensure Employees’ Safety

As the global economy starts to recover from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and offices begin to reopen, employers need to make their workplace COVID-ready to keep their employees safe and healthy. While companies that are working efficiently by having a robust work-from-home policy should continue to do so, those that need a workplace to operate should adapt to the new normal and put in place some permanent changes, or at least until we all get the vaccine for the virus.

John Spach On the 4 Important Tips to Make Your Office Safe from the Virus

If you are an employer planning to reopen your office, there are some things you should consider to help your employees return safely and keep them protected:

  1. Hire an office cleaning and disinfecting service

One of the things that employers should do is hire an office cleaning and sanitizing service, as it will keep their office clean and sanitized throughout the day. According to the CDC, the novel coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Most of these droplets fall on nearby surfaces, such as desks, telephones, or tables, and people can easily catch the virus once they touch those contaminated surfaces.

But if you keep all the frequently touched surfaces in your office sanitized, you can combat the spread of the virus effectively.  Anoffice cleaning and disinfecting company will not only keep your workplace sanitized but will also place hand sanitizers strategically throughout the space for employees.

  • Rearrange office furniture

Right now, most businesses want their employees to return to the office as quickly and safely as possible. However, amidst the hurry, they should not forget about the social distancing rule. The first wave of office reopening may allow only 50% of the staff, which ensures social distancing. So, as an employer, it is your responsibility to reorganize your office furniture or retrofit your workplace to comply with the new health guidelines.

  • Ensure proper ventilation

According to the scientists researching the virus, airborne transmission of the virus through aerosol is also possible, which is why it’s necessary to maintain proper ventilation in the workplace. Before you call your employees to work, make sure air conditioning systems and heaters are working properly, recirculating the air as they should. Plus, don’t forget to open windows if possible.

  • Maintain distancing

If we’re already exercising distancing and attempting to maintain a 6-foot radius between ourselves and others when shopping for necessities, the same approach should be applied in the office. Some offices have the luxury of rooms, allowing company owners and rearrange workspaces to maintain 6-foot separations. The attempt is worthwhile, even if some pushing is involved, as well as the expected rewiring of workstations.

If you keep these tips from John Spach in mind while reopening your office after COVID, you will ensure the safety of your employees. Besides, you will be able to run your business successfully again without the threat of a pandemic. Ensure you and every employee follow the guidelines and all protocols very cautiously, so there is no COVID-related issue in your office.

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