Key points to remember before you go for Singapore executive coaching training certification programs

Historically, coaching has played a big role in business and professional lives. Off late, coaching programs have become formalized and professional. Now we have coaching credentials and a global standard that these training programs must adhere to. For more information on executives training for business, you can check out Newfieldasia Singapore coaching training.

If you are considering enlisting in a coaching training program, there is a set protocol that you should stick to. Since the training program involves a substantial investment of time and money, it is always essential to do a bit of investigation about the various training programs available.

To know more about the makings of a professional and industry standard coaching training program, read on!

Program accreditation

There are requirements according to the ICF, EMCC, and CCE that a training program must align with to obtain the accreditation. Additionally, this contract needs to be renewed periodically. It is essential that the coach training program you are choosing is accredited by any one of the three listed coaching bodies. The logo might be highlighted on the webpage, if not, get in touch with the firm helpdesk. Moreover, you need to make sure of the compliance of the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) protocols by the training program in accordance with the ICF.

Trainer credential

You will not only be investigating the accreditation status of the program but also the credentials of the trainers. These days most of the professionals have a LinkedIn profile so that you can check for the credential acronyms including ACC, MCC, PCC, BCC, and SP after their name. You can even go to the ICF, CCE and EMCC websites to verify the credentials of the trainer.

Quotation inclusive of mentoring

Well, this is a personal choice of the firm and doesn’t really count as a negative. But you still need to be aware of the fact that certain training program quotes aren’t inclusive of the mentoring charges and thus your expenditure can double up. Make sure you read the offer documents carefully.

The personal touch

A professional training program will make provisions where you can have one-on-one conversations with your trainer. This is vital as it can build up confidence better and allow you to clear your doubts better. There are various training program modules available, so you need to make sure about the availability of a specific trainer or a program that suits you perfectly.

“Oversell” promise

The training programs are essentially business practices, so you would need to make sure that you are not getting involved with a shoddy practice. Recognize symptomatic patterns like a quick yes to all your requests, no installment paying options, immediate offers of discount fees and reluctance to put out a written quote.

It is important to go over these details as coaching isn’t a regulated profession so when a program doesn’t deliver according to your requirements you have no recourse. Be aware before committing. All the best!


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