Online Business Ideas for Students

Online Business Ideas for Students 1

Are you a student who is on top of their workload and is hoping for a little bit of excitement, not to mention a little bit more money in your pocket? Student life can be hard sometimes, especially when you find yourself strapped for cash, because you can feel like you don’t really have the time to look for a full-time job yet, but your money is running out fast! Well, you know the internet? Well guess what, it can be used to make money! All you need is a great idea for a business model, something that will entice people to engage with you, but that doesn’t require all your time, as you need to focus on your student-y duties. Well here is a list of ideas on how to get a business up and running, all by yourself! Some are easy, some are hard, but they are all bound to help you get a little more excitement in your life, and help you buy those drinks on the weekend.


If you go to University or study at College or somewhere similar, then you know how important fashion is to younger people at the moment. Not only do people want clothes that are exciting and vibrant, but they want things that are rare and unique. Many people fail to see that this craze with interesting clothing can definitely be capitalised upon. All you need to do is start collecting interesting clothing, you can try and find some in charity shops in your surrounding area, or go back to your family home and see if there’s some stuff lying around. If it is a bit different and you can imagine people liking it, then grab it! The most important part is how you advertise it, being that its fashion, you can easily set up an Instagram or a Facebook page to advertise your clothes, make sure to take nice pictures of the clothes that extenuate the quality of the clothes. You will find that people from your University and online will start to take notice if you do it right. Hey, if you have a slogan that you think is catchy, you could even make your own shirts!

Essay/Homework help 

Ever thought of how you could capitalize on your friends and colleagues constant whining and moaning about all the work they have to do? Well here’s a tip, you could start a business that provides essay help and advice! Many companies have been successful in doing this including PaperLeaf in Canada. It provides a range of services, Dissertation help, English help, math homework help PaperLeaf.ca get a lot of business from students, and so can you! Post adverts around your University advertising some form of essay help, be it research, structuring, consultation or anything. You will find that people begin to contact you inquiring as to what you can do for them. As long as you set them a fair price for what service they are asking you for, you are sure to get the money rolling in!

Voice Acting 

You wouldn’t believe how many people there are out there looking for a strong, clear and confident voice to record. Log on to a freelancing website and look how many adverts for voice actors there are! Using voice is such a big aspect of business now as it humanizes a company in a nice way. So all you need to do is purchase a good microphone and find a quiet spot in your house. Say that you provide a voice acting service that will record anything, and sooner or later, people will be lining up, requesting you to record there advert or there tutorial for a certain service. Voice Acting is a very easy way to make money once you can get the hang of the equipment and software, and if you’re a music student, you will probably be fluent in the equipment already!

Just a few little ideas to get your business ball rolling. Of course, it goes without saying that your main focus has to be on your work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a little money on the side, as long as you are dedicated, organised and confident you can utilize one of these plans and you will be making money to fund your University life in no time! And what’s more is that it will look great on your resume when you get out of University!

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