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The field of progressive tooling is very well known and requires that the company providing this service keep themselves busy in meeting industrial requirements of the components produced. Using progressive tooling a variety of products can be produced like mould bases, die sets, brass ball cages, pillar sets and ball bearing cages. The components produced using progressive tooling are used in industries like automobile, fabrication industries, plastic and other industries. High quality products are produced using the method of progressive tooling. These components can be made in different sizes and with varying technical specifications. One of the foremost requirements is that these parts withstand wear and tear and perform well amidst demanding circumstances. To produce such high-quality components, every manufacturer needs to stick to the guidelines set out by the industry and use the latest machinery.

The use of progressive tooling in the field of metal stamping makes possible the manufacturing of unlimited parts. In the process of sheet metal stamping several procedures are performed in a progressive press. A sheet of metal is put through several meticulous steps in stages and the end result is it gets transformed into a specified metal part. The sheet metal is automatically taken into the press and progresses from one stamping position to the other as multiple strokes are applied on the sheet metal. Every station on the progressive stamping press carries out a specific operation at the same time with the help of dies and tools until the required part is manufactured. A single die can accommodate different steps. This makes room for multiple tooling solutions fairly quickly and efficiently all the while saving a considerable amount of money.

Companies that produce progressive tooling need to excel at their job since the competition in the market is very high. Every manufacturer aims at making reliable, high quality and cost-effective progressive tooling. It is important that such manufacturing plants have professional staff who possess expertise in the field along with technological knowledge. Only with these can a company fabricate and also test the quality of the parts that are being manufactured using progressive tooling. With the help of progressive tooling a wide range of production challenges can be successfully overcome. Manufacturing firms that aim at attracting the most clients need to possess extremely good craftsmanship.

Components produced using progressive tooling are used in different industries like aerospace, defence, electronic and electrical industries and appliances. These are serious jobs and depend on quality progressive tooling to manufacture parts that are highly accurate and dependable. Other industries that use parts made through progressive tooling include automobile industry and industrial engineering along with several ancillary units and consumer durable fields. For the production of complex components progressive tooling is combined along with additional tooling which produces intricate designs that may need bending or precise coiling of the metal part.

While looking for a progressive tooling system manufacturer that is best for you, it is important to find someone who can meet the precise production requirements that you need. These requirements need to be followed to the very last detail whether the production is large or small in quantity. Once the requirements are met, you can be assured of high-quality components that are produced according to the timeline that is provided. A company who meets the following criteria can be a potential choice for progressive tooling system manufacturer: –

  • Pace- Whether the production is large or small in quantity, a firm that can provide lowest cycle times per part is considered as the best choice.
  • Minimal wastage- With the help of progressive tooling, sheet metal is put through various steps like punching, coining, bending, blanking etc. and thus very minimal scrap is generated in the process. A manufacturer that uses progressive tooling and helps minimize wastage is the right choice.
  • Prolonged production runs- The longer the production run with the help of progressive tooling, the shorter the time taken to produce components. The use of progressive tooling does not need frequent tooling adjustments and hence helps save precious time that can be utilized in carrying out production.
  • Fast setup- Traditional machines will require a considerable amount of time to be setup, not so with progressive tooling. A company that uses progressive tooling will be able to help cut costs during production.
  • Cost effective- The factors mentioned above will help cut costs significantly. High speed, quick setup, lower scrap material, longer runs etc. will ensure that your cost per part is minimal when you use progressive tooling.
  • Durable designs- Using progressive tooling and the latest production technology, every component that is produced can last for a very long time. Such durability is expected out of parts made with progressive tooling.

Manufacturers that meet the above-mentioned criteria can be counted upon as the best among those who make progressive tooling systems.       

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