Things You Can Do to Help a New Mom

Your best friend has just given birth and you’re wondering what is it that you can do to make them feel loved and appreciated. It could be the first time that you’re going through such a predicament and you’re wondering what you should be doing. There are so many ideas and they all have to involve money. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter and there are different ways you can make a new mom feel loved and we’re going to highlight some of them.

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You might have kids of your own and you’re well aware of the challenges the new mom is likely to go through. The goal is to make motherhood as seamless as possible. This is particularly true if you’re close to the new tip. Here are some of the things that you can do to make their life a lot easier.

Help Her With Chores

A new mom is likely to be overwhelmed taking care of the baby and there are some things that will be overlooked, especially when it comes to cleanliness around the house. You can decide to do the house chores once in a while. The alternative would be to hire a maid. Your friend is likely to say no but that shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t insist on hiring a housekeeper. Even if they don’t say it, they surely need some help.


A new mom doesn’t have the time to think about what she’ll be preparing for dinner. One of the thoughtful things you can do is to prepare meals. It should be something that can be thrown into the freezer to be eaten at a later date. You can also volunteer to cook for her family once or twice a week. This will save her the trouble of having to hire a nanny. For a new mom to prepare her own food, she’ll have to get out of the house and go to the store. They could still be recovering and will not have the energy to run such errands. You always help her out with her to-do errands. Don’t be afraid to ask as she might feel like she’s inconveniencing you even though you’re willing to help. As we’ve mentioned, you can prepare meals that can easily be refrigerated so that she doesn’t have to worry about cooking for some time.

Taking Care of the Pets

The pets will have to take a back seat when there is a new member of the family. This means there will no one to pet them. As a good friend, you can decide to pet furry friends. You can also take the dogs on a walk so that they don’t feel abandoned just because there is a new baby in the house. Don’t forget to ask first as not everyone will be comfortable letting you play around with their pets.

Help With Shopping

 A good friend will see if the new mom needs any help with shopping. A new mom will not want to go to the crowded retail stores with the baby. It will be up to you help out when there are some shopping errands to be done. Just like with other things, you’ll have to ask because new moms can be cagy unless they fully trust you to help them out with the different challenges that they could be facing.

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Every new mother deserves gifts. If you’ve been thinking of ways you can get involved then looking for a thoughtful gift is one way of leaving a lasting impression. It could be as simple as getting the best baby pillow as a gift. This shows that you’re thinking about the plight of the new mom which is always a nice feeling. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. There is no mom that will say they have enough diapers. Don’t forget to look for gifts for the mom so that they feel appreciated.


There are different ways you can help out a new mom. It all starts with a willingness to help. The extent of the help will depend on the kind of relationship you have with the person. There are some personal things that the new mom might not be too willing to share. You should be understanding of their situation as motherhood affects people differently. As long as you’re speaking out, there should be no breakdown in communication about what is needed from your end.

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