Ways to Know if Your Outsourced Staff is Doing Well

There are different reasons why a company would choose to hire outsourced staff. There’s the desire to reduce operating costs, improve employee focus, and acquire greater professional capabilities. This not only raises a company’s track record but also teach the in-house team better work methods.

If you’re currently working with an outsourced staff, it’s important that you periodically assess their performance to see if they are contributing to your business’s bottom line.

Here are ways to know if your outsourced staff is doing well.  

They are goal-oriented.

Whether it’s an in-house team or an outsourced staff, every employee should work with purpose. Meaning, there shouldn’t be room for mediocrity, and every task they complete should be driven by a goal. You’ll know you’re working with the right people if they’re clear and specific about their short-term and long-term goals, and demonstrate enthusiasm in achieving those objectives.

They work productively and efficiently.

While outsourcing will help you reduce costs, hiring people outside of your organization isn’t a cheap investment. Naturally, you’d expect for these people to submit their work on time and deliver high-quality outputs that will contribute to the overall success of your business.

Ask yourself, “has the work become lighter ever since you hired an outsourced team or are your backlogs increasing more and more each day?”

They follow a systematic process.

Each employee has their own working rhythm. But, they should all employ a systematic process that will help them complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

In any business, workloads can sometimes be a struggle for both the in-house team and outsourced staff. That’s why having a systematic process, which includes brainstorming for ideas, creating a working calendar, and developing business strategies, can help everyone plot tasks and submit their work even before the allotted deadlines.

Your outsourced staff should also have a system uptime. Meaning, they should know how to handle any issues as efficiently and as professionally as possible.

They have a good working relationship with the in-house employees.

Despite being located remotely from your head office, your outsourced staff members need to make an effort to build a good working relationship with the rest of the team, especially those they directly work with.

There must be a collaborative effort among every employee to meet company targets and achieve bigger goals. One way to assess how everyone is doing in the company is to conduct an evaluation session. Ask your in-house team how things are going with the outsourced staff, and vice versa.

Remember that the goal of these evaluations isn’t just to check on your outsourced staff, but also to address any issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

They keep you posted.

Communication is key to any organization’s success. When you hire an outsourced staff, it’s crucial for you to get regular updates about the status of tasks you delegated to each of them. Make sure that both your in-house and outsourced team understand and practice the communication protocols in place.

You’re getting positive feedback from clients.

One of the most important factors to help you assess the performance of an outsourced staff is through client feedback. Find out if clients are happy with the work that your outsourced employees deliver.

Their feedback can help you determine if their quality of work is helping your organization keep existing customers happy and satisfied. Remember, you’re trying to build a good relationship with them. Therefore, everyone who works for your company has to make it their goal as well..

You hired an outsourced team because you trust their expertise and capabilities. Therefore, they can’t be the ones to jeopardize your relationship with your clients. While hiring an outsourced staff is meant to reduce company cost, you’re not really benefiting from it if they’re not producing quality work.

Don’t forget, the goals of an in-house team and outsourced staff are quite similar. Both teams are working to help your business grow. So, treat them like your own team as well. Keep fulfilling your end of the bargain and assess if they’re doing the same and if they’re helping your company achieve its desired growth.

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