How to Keep your BPO Staff Motivated

The BPO sector provides a large pool of employment opportunities for Filipinos. From technology outsourcing, call centers, language centers, retail manufacturing, and even a housekeeping job, BPO industries caters to various career growth for aspiring Filipinos in each field.

However, even though working for a BPO company also entitles one to a high salary and a number of benefits and perks, the workload, differing shifts, and quotas will be a tough challenge to handle for your entire staff.

While it’s important to keep up with the competition, it’s also necessary to keep your employees motivated and passionately driven. After all, your staff are your company’s main drivers toward success.

Here are 8 essential tips to keep your staff happy and motivated with their work:

  1. Maintain a steady business outlook

First things first, ensure your business is on the right track toward achieving specific goals and objectives. A business that is clear and knows what it is doing will make your staff be more motivated to grow and develop together with the company in the next years to come.

  1. Acknowledge your staff

If there’s someone you can trust with your business processes, it’s your entire staff. In the competitive field of BPO, your staff will want recognition for a job well done, no matter how small or big the win is. Rewarding your staff will make them happy and feel special, which results to higher productivity among all.

  1. Ensure your staff’s wellbeing

Due to high quota targets, nature of the work, instances of humiliation, and different time zones, some of your staff will be required to work in night shifts and during weekends, which can take a toll on your employees’ overall physical and mental health.

Manage your staff’s need for healthy work living: schedule medical consultations and fix the working environment as your employees see fit. Include one-on-one counselling and training to relieve your staff’s stress, work burnout, and worries.

  1. Communicate directly with your staff

Set aside emails and telephone con calls to directly communicate with your entire staff as much as possible. Your staff will want to hear updates and company news from yourself to make them be aware of what’s going on.

Being present and transparent with your staff will make them more motivated to work with you and achieve specific goals.

  1. Guarantee a work and life balance

The high demand of the BPO line of work requires to have your staff be on call and online should a need arise. A week of stress and pressures will take a chunk out of your employees’ normal life. Guaranteeing a work and life balance will make your employees perform better and be more motivated.

Provide paid time and holiday offs, leaves, and vacation days, as well as discussions to keep your employees have a balanced time between work and normal life.

  1. Lead by example

Being in the top level management, your staff will look up to you for work motivation and leadership expectations. How you do work will shape and influence the way your entire staff do their work. Being a leader is not enough, you have to make sure you’re alongside your staff in every work win and losses. The best way to motivate your staff is to be a great role model among them.

  1. Prioritize your staff’s professional growth

In order to make your company alive and kicking, you have to assure that your entire staff will also grow along with the company. BPO industries tend to have a high employee attrition due to the heavy workload and lack of opportunity for career growth. In order to avoid such cases, figure out an opportunity to make your staff excel and be promoted with their line of work as they deserve.

  1. Count on your staff

There’s nothing more reassuring than to have someone count on you to get the job done. It’s the same with your staff, the more you count on them to win a project, the more motivated they’ll be and perform better than before to ensure that your trust on them will not be put to waste.


There’s a great misconception that working for BPOs can lead to loss of social life and health issues due to the global competition and stressful nature of the work. However, don’t let the stigma affect the way you do business. Instead, improve your processes that puts focus on your staff’s need for career growth and wellbeing, rather than just thinking of profits and more sales.

Put your employees first, and more wins will come to you.


Author Bio:

Michael Pamuti is the Head of Marketing at MegaPacific.com.ph, a leading organization in the Employment Management field. He’s a huge fan of TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.


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