5 Key Principles to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing

There are two easy ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, which will help you to find potential customers for your affiliate products. One way is to invest on PPC advertising campaign. This way is effective, but it will cost a lot of money, and your return of investment will depend on your experience on this field. The other way is to use content marketing strategy. This method will cost a lot of time, but it is free to use. You can use this method to test a campaign, or simply attract more readers to your website. Here are 5 key principles to drive targeted traffic to your website with content marketing:

1. The article you write must be relevant with your designation page
First of all, to ensure that you’re attracting targeted traffic to your website, you have to write article that is relevant with your designation page. For example, your target page is about dog training manual. Then, your article must be relevant with this particular page. You shouldn’t link your article that tells about dog feeding to your webpage that talks about dog training. Relevancy is very important in content marketing, as you will need to write several articles to promote particular pages in your website.

2. Do not link your articles only to your homepage
Most people link their articles to their website homepage. Though this is a good practice to attract traffic to your website, this method is not effective enough to attract targeted traffic to your website. Pointing your articles only to your homepage will result in many irrelevancy issues. Also, those articles cannot help you in the search engines. If you link your articles to different pages in your website, those articles will help you to raise your search engine ranking.

3. Prepare a presell page for affiliate promotion
If you want to use content marketing to promote an affiliate product, you have to be careful not to allow traffic from your content to arrive directly to your product page. Moreover, you should avoid driving your traffic directly to the sales page. This can kill conversion. A better method would be to prepare a presell page for your affiliate promotion. This will avoid the impression of forcing your readers to buy immediately after reading your content.

4. Make your resource box flowing
You should not separate your article from your resource box. Resource box is an important element in your article in which you will persuade your readers to visit your website. That’s why you have to make your resource box flowing with your article. Make it as a continuation of your article so that your readers will read your resource box naturally.

5. Don’t make your article sounds salesy
While it is true that you’re using your article to promote an affiliate product, it doesn’t mean that you need to promote your product in your article. When writing your article, you have to focus on your content, which means you have to focus on delivering information to your readers. The purpose of your content is to deliver useful information. You will persuade your readers to visit your website in your resource box, not in your article.

Those are the key principles of content marketing that will help you to drive targeted traffic to your website, which will in turn convert into sales.

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