Keep More Money in Your Wallet with Household Maintenance

The longer you live in your house, the more maintenance it will need. That’s just part of home ownership.

It doesn’t always have to break the bank, though, because you can save money on home repairs and maintenance.

As the following article shows, you may ask, how much can you save?

That depends on how you do it.

Whether you do it yourself or do some shopping around, here are five ways to save money on household maintenance needs in 2015:

1. Take it on yourself – Not all homeowners can rebuild a bathroom or finish a basement themselves, but you can take on smaller projects on your own. Set aside a weekend to paint the living room that has needed an update or take on lawn care and maintenance on your own and let the lawn company go. Not only will you save money, but you may be pleasantly surprised at the pride you feel when you’ve done it yourself.

2. Ask for help – Perhaps it’s an undertaking that you think you could manage, but you’re not sure how to get started. Ask for help. Maybe your handy friend down the street can help you replace a toilet or a light fixture. You could also help out a friend with something, and the next weekend they can help you. Whether it’s something new to you or just takes an extra set of hands, look for some help, then ask for it. You may end up offering some payment, maybe just a 6 pack of beer, but it will be much less expensive than hiring a professional.

3. Research it – Visit your local home improvement store and ask questions about your projects. You may be surprised you can do it. Visit YouTube and other related sites to see demos and learn from the pros. However, if it’s something dangerous, like electrical, you may want to save it for those pros.

4. Pay for the have to’s – Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to hire someone. If your house needs a new roof, you’ve got to get it done by the professionals. The aesthetics in your home will have to wait, like those new kitchen counters you’ve been waiting for. Before you splurge on a want, make sure your needs are taken care of or you may be out more money than you anticipated down the road.

5. Ask around – Before you hire anyway for home maintenance or repair, ask around. The best finds, sometimes, are word of mouth. Put it out there on social media and ask your neighbors. You may come across a part time handyman who will cut you a great deal. You may find a discount by using someone your neighbor has used or a friend referral.

Whether your maintenance needs are big or small, complicated or easy, you can save money one way or another on them.
It costs a lot to maintain your home, and any savings in substantial.

Use yourself, your friends or a great referral to get the job done in a cost friendly manner.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics on social media, cutting costs and small business. You can find her on twitter @writeygirl.

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