What Types of Problems Are Common Within Radio Frequency Devices and How Can These Be Detected?

Wireless technology has helped revolutionise the business world. However, as more and more devices are introduced onto the network, it can start to cause trouble with interference. This can be a nightmare for the user of radio frequency devices; particularly if two wireless systems are trying to use the same frequency.

Here, we’ll look at what types of problems are common within radio frequency devices and how they can be detected.

Conflicting wireless systems

A common problem within radio frequency devices is conflicting wireless systems. Just one transmitter can be used at a time, so if two wireless systems are attempting to use it, that’s when problems can occur. This type of issue is especially popular when you have people using their own wireless systems.

Similarly, synthesised equipment will also cause the same issues if it shares the same frequencies. If the transmitter frequency is changed, it’s likely to interfere with another system of the same type.

AM Radio Transmitter issues

Although not as common, AM radio transmitter issues can occur. Typically, AM radio stations operate at frequencies lower than wireless systems. So, the likelihood of interference issues occurring is dramatically reduced. What AM radio transmitters can interfere with is audio equipment such as powerful amplifiers, mixers and processors. The only time AM radio stations may cause interference is if the transmitter is too close. The high radio frequency levels can affect sensitive audio circuitry.

The interference can be picked up by power lines or audio cables, potentially even causing issues when the wireless receiver is switched off. In order to fix the problem, you’d need to shield and filter the power and audio cables.

How can you detect radio frequency device problems?

The above are just a couple of issues that can occur with radio frequency devices. The question is, how can you detect what problems are present?

One of the best ways of detecting problems is to invest in wireless testing equipment. There’s a lot of different types of testing equipment on the market. You can either invest in the equipment yourself or hire a professional company to do the testing for you. Or, you could rent the testing equipment you need.

This type of equipment can detect issues you otherwise wouldn’t know existed. However, before renting or purchasing any equipment, it’s worth seeking advice over the best type of equipment to use. As there are so many different types out there, it’s important to make sure you’re using equipment to specifically test for radio frequency issues.

Overall, the majority of radio frequency issues are easy enough to fix. You just need to make sure you accurately detect the issue with the right equipment before trying to repair them.

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