Windows Or Mac – Here’s Your Guide!

Are you looking to buy a brand new laptop or desktop? Are you completely confused about which operating to system to go in for? Well, according to us, Windows is definitely the way to go! Windows computers are the best options for countless reasons. These computers are affordable, they have some awesome benefits and advantages and you will not regret your purchase. You will also be able to communicate easily with a windows computer by checking out https://www.itechgyan.com/download-kik-for-pc/. People from across the globe swear by Windows computers. We have put together a list of benefits and reasons why Windows computers are way better than Mac computers. Here’s everything you need to know:

Limited Software Compatibility In Mac Computers

While the Mac operating system maybe an excellent one, the software compatibility of this system is very limited. Most office related software programs, computer games and other such programs are not compatible with Mac laptops and computers. People who are constantly playing games or using software programs like Tally on their computers, will find it impossible to switch to Mac. If there is an available version of any Windows game or software program for Mac, it is extremely expensive. However, most of the Windows and other operating system programs are not available for Mac.

Major Price Differences

Another reason that Windows computers are used a lot more by people across the globe is because they are far more affordable than Mac computers. You can get yourself a Windows computer for as less as $120. On the other hand with Mac laptops and computers the average starting price of the computers are around $900. People who have limited budgets and income cannot afford to spend $900 on a laptop. Windows laptops are thus the better options in terms of price. You won’t end up spending an arm and a leg when purchasing a Windows laptop or computer. They are budget-friendly and affordable to all income groups but at the same time people looking out for more fancy laptops can even find expensive options in the Windows laptop range too.

Limited Creativity In Available Computer Options

Different people have different uses for laptops. While some people simply use the laptop to send out emails and to watch movies and more, other people use their laptops for designing, sketching and more. The Mac laptops are designed only to be used as laptops and nothing else. You can use them to get work done and to browse the Internet and to download movies and files and more, but you can’t use them to draw and paint and sketch comfortably. There are some Windows laptops like the HP laptop range that fold into touch screen tablets. These touch screen tablets allow you to sketch and draw very comfortably and without any hassles. Hence, people who are looking out for laptops that are more comfortable and flexible to use should definitely opt for Windows laptops.

Limited Or No USB Ports

Another reason why Mac computers aren’t exactly the most viable option is because these laptops and computers have very limited of no USB ports. Without USB ports any user will have to opt for external USB devices to plug their pen drives and external hard drives into the computer. People who have a lot of data require external storage devices to keep all their documents and files handy. If you end up buying a laptop with only one or no USB port, you’re only going to end up struggling and carrying that many more external gadgets to get your work done. Windows laptops have a minimum of 2 USB ports. You can simultaneously connect your phone and your external hard drive to the Windows computer without any hassle.

Service Stations Are Not So Easy To Find

Mac service stations are not easy to find. Globally it is much easier to find to a Windows service station as opposed to a Mac service station. In the event of an emergency, you don’t want to end up running around the entire city trying to find a service station for your laptop. You want to be able to find a service station that’s right next to where you stay or work and get your computer the servicing it needs. With Mac computers, you will not find it easy to track down a service station in most countries. While the service stations may be available, they aren’t everywhere. Windows service stations are everywhere. So opting for a Windows laptop just becomes a lot easier for after sales services.

Spare Parts Are Absurdly Priced

Another reason why Windows laptops are chosen over Mac laptops because the spare parts of Window laptops are easy to find and they are affordably priced. You can get the spare parts of Windows laptops at any computer retailer or even online. On the other hand, the spare parts for Mac laptops are not only hard to find but they are so costly that you might as well get a whole new laptop as opposed to trying to replace dysfunctional parts of your old laptop.

So, as you can see Windows laptops can be far more advantageous for countless reasons. Whether you need to buy a new laptop for your personal use, or you need to buy a bunch of computers for your new office, Windows is the way you go. Windows laptops are also convenient because they are available in several different sizes. You can get laptops with 11 inch screens and you can get laptops with 18 inch screens.

You can buy Windows laptops almost anywhere. You can buy them online, at local computer retailers and for people on limited budgets, laptops can even be purchased in the second-hand market. There are tons of refurbished Windows computers available online. Not only will you get some excellent deals on these refurbished laptops, but they are also in great condition and will end up lasting your for a very long time. So don’t be sidetracked by the advice of others when purchasing your laptop or computer. Just go in for the Windows ones if you don’t want to be disappointed.


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