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5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Calgary, Canada | 2020

As the biggest city in Alberta Province, Calgary is one of the most amazing places to visit in Canada. It’s a friendly and relaxed destination for most international tourists who travel to experience its numerous attractions. It’s the best place you would love to visit. Calgary is one of the...


Vinegar: An Effective Herbicide For Organic Farming

Vinegar is part of every household’s kitchen but did you know that this sour-tasting liquid is an effective herbicide for organic farming? This is the major finding of a study conducted by Jay Radhakrishnan, John Teasdale and Ben Coffman, researchers from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the principal scientific research...


Cooling Lemonade Recipes

Can you make very good lemonade or other goodies related to lemon? Do you have a good Lemonade recipe? After eating or munching on something, everyone can be refreshed by drinking lemonade. Little things we can do for our friends are to share the Lemonade recipes and make the families...