Can you make very good lemonade or other goodies related to lemon? Do you have a good Lemonade recipe? After eating or munching on something, everyone can be refreshed by drinking lemonade. Little things we can do for our friends are to share the Lemonade recipes and make the families happy. Create a lemonade stand and help others.

Basic lemonade recipe:


½ cup water
½ cup lemon juice
3 cup cold water
Sugar to taste


Add ½ cup of water and sugar and bring it to boil till sugar dissolves in water. Put off the heat. Add lemon juice and cold water. This is the basic recipe for lemonade.

One can make numerous lemonade recipes by adding different fruits to the basic lemonade recipes. For variations, mint, ginger, honey, water melon, raspberries and strawberry can be added to basic lemonade recipe. Organic maple syrup or honey can be added to lemonade recipe instead of sugar.

Recipe of strawberry lemonade:


1 cup strawberry juice
4 cups water
1 cup fresh lemon juice
Thin lemon peels without white pith
Fresh lemon and strawberry slices for decoration
2 cups sugar


Add sugar and strawberry in a saucepan with 1 cup of water. When the strawberry softens and releases the color, take it off the heat and leave it to cool. Then blend it in a mixer and take out the juice. Now add lemon juice, 3 cups water, lemon peel and shake well. Garnish with lemon and strawberry slices. Cool strawberry lemonade is ready to drink.

Immaterial of the weather, one will love the taste of lemonade smoothie which gives instant energy and pacify the hunger.

Recipe of raspberries lemonade:


1 cup lemonade
11/2 cup raspberries
11/2 cup lemon yogurt
2 cup ice crushed

Add the above ingredients and have a chilled lemonade smoothie.

Lemonade strengthens the immune system as it has Vitamins C, B, B2, Iron and Calcium. Lemonade drink cleanses our intestinal and colon walls. Drink lemonade everyday and it is good for health. Always add other fruit with the basic lemonade recipe and share the new lemonade recipes with others. Kids who run the lemonade stand can also be benefited and can have loads of fun.

Most of the lemonade stand proceeds help sick kids in Australia, Canada, USA and other European countries. Indirectly, one can help them by providing good recipe for lemonade and other lemonade related recipes.

Teaching children about charity can start with a lemonade stands that’s run for fun and charity. At Lemons to Lemonade you’ll find great lemonade recipe, banners, and signs to help it easy to build a lemonade stand. Select your preferred charitable organization to donate the proceeds. Support great causes, help your kids learn about business and charity, and have fun — all with a simple glass of lemonade!

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