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An Expert Guide on How to Improve Lead Conversion

Keeping a steady flow of leads coming into your pipeline is important. But having lots of leads doesn’t matter much if your lead conversion is low. Lead conversion means someone goes from being a prospect to a customer. That doesn’t always happen as quickly as you’d like. If your lead...


Mobility Can Reward You and Your Customers

As more and more consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping purposes, many businesses are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Mobile marketing is a versatile form of marketing that can be implemented in many different ways, one of which is mobile couponing. Mobile coupons are becoming highly sought...


The Business of Surveying Customers

In today’s consumer-oriented world, businesses are going the extra mile to better understand their customers. By doing so, they can use the insights they gain to devise strategies and make improvements to achieve greater customer satisfaction. There are many ways to obtain information about customers, and one of them is...