An Expert Guide on How to Improve Lead Conversion

Keeping a steady flow of leads coming into your pipeline is important. But having lots of leads doesn’t matter much if your lead conversion is low.

improve lead conversion

Lead conversion means someone goes from being a prospect to a customer. That doesn’t always happen as quickly as you’d like.

If your lead conversion metrics aren’t where you want them, look at your processes to find areas for improvement.

Here are strategies to improve your lead conversion.

Nail Your Calls to Action

Improving your calls to action can encourage leads to take the next step.

Don’t leave it up to your leads to figure out what you want them to do. Make it obvious and easy to take the next step.

A CTA button that’s well-defined and contrasts the background is important. Let people know what they get in return for taking that action to encourage them to click.

Qualify and Score Leads

If your goal is to get as many leads as possible, you’re wasting your efforts.

Unqualified leads won’t likely lead to conversions, no matter what you do. You’re wasting time and resources when you could focus more on qualified leads.

Setting high standards helps you determine who is a qualified lead.

Scoring your leads helps you know where to focus your attention. You use a numerical system to assign points based on criteria.

The points can relate to data you gather from leads, such as their job.

You can also score leads based on actions they take once in your system. That could include things such as opening emails you send or sharing your social media posts.

The scores add up over time based on actions. When a lead reaches a certain level, it might trigger an action from you. This might include a follow-up from your sales team.

It helps you focus your attention where it’s most effective.

Segment Leads and Customize Communications

Treating all of your leads the same way may seem like an easy way to increase sales, but it’s not effective.

Your leads come to you at different points. Some are ready to buy. Others need more nurturing before they reach that point.

By segmenting and customizing, you can meet each lead where they are.

One way to do this is by integrating your CRM and marketing automation platforms. Your sales and marketing teams can make more informed decisions.

The integration lets you send targeted messages to leads. This can improve the response you get from your leads.

Choose a Reliable Email Tool

Email often plays a central role in converting leads. You can send out a drip campaign to leads.

Email also comes into play in response to an action a lead takes, which is called a transactional email. They might get a welcome email when they sign up for your newsletter.

A reliable email tool is crucial to improving lead conversion. A quick automated response keeps potential customers engaged.

You have lots of options for email tools. If you’re looking for a transactional email tool, check out a comparison of Mailgun vs Sendgrid.

Improve Your Lead Conversion

A higher lead conversion means you’re getting more customers into your system. That translates into more business for your company.

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