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Foreign Exchange

What You Need To Know About Foreign Exchange And How To Earn From It

More and more people are leveraging various investment vehicles to grow their money. With the emergence of digital channels, people are now aware that they can earn a decent amount online using various means such as trading platforms, including foreign exchange (Forex). This article tackles what you need to know...

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The Roles and responsibilities of a Forex Broker

The role of the traditional forex broker has changed considerably over the course of the last four decades, with this now performed almost exclusively online and increasingly reliant on modern technology. In many ways, this has been a fortunate development, particularly as the forex market now sees in excess of...


What If Price Moves over 220 Pips?

Today we are going to talk about situations when a currency pair suddenly moves over 200 pips. This article was created to help you understand how to act if you get into such a situation in the Forex market.  So, let’s say you are in a trade and this move...


Most common mistakes in chart pattern strategies

Chart pattern trading strategies are one of the easiest ways to catch the largest market movement. Almost all the professional traders use chart pattern trading technique to secure huge profit from this market. But do think the rookie traders in the United Kingdom are making a huge profit by using...

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Always trade avoid mobile trading platform

The Forex market is live and it offers various ways you can use to trade the market. For example, when you are going out of your country or when you are visiting foreign lands, you can still be in contact with your trades with the help of your mobile. It...