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When your food takes good care of you and the soil, too!

While cereals such as rice and corn are the staple food in Asia, legumes are increasing in importance as sources of nutrition for both humans and the soil. With the growing demand for food, especially rice and corn, farmers are prone to resort to monocropping, a farming practice which not...


How to Make Pan de Sal with Camote

In a study conducted at UP Los Baños, it was seen that pan de sal with camote, soybean and sorghum is more palatable, cheaper and more healthful than pan de sal made from flour alone. Two proportions were tried: A. 10% camote flour 10% soybean 80% all-purpose flour This contains...


Fruit-Flavored Soybean Milk

Soybean milk is usually produced in its natural flavor. Consequently, its appeal to consumers is limited. A technique to add flavor, especially fruit flavors, has been devised to provide greater varieties of soybean milk, and more nutritional value for consumers. The goal is to attract additional young and aged people...