Tech Alert: Innovative Chargers for your Phone

It is frustrating when your phone’s battery dies and you can’t find a power outlet wherever you are. Picture this: you are on the way home from school or work but then you got stranded in the bus stop because it’s raining heavily. So you get your phone to send a message to your mom or significant other or friend to pick you up. The bad news is, your phone’s dead.

In order to save you from situations like these, here are some of the innovative yet practical mobile chargers that you can bring with you whenever you go or use whenever there is a black out. Unlike with the solar panel price in the Philippines, these chargers won’t really break your wallet:

Wireless Charger

solar chargers

The typical way to load up your phone’s battery is to connect it to a charger then plug it in the socket. However, there are times there is no power source near you or you don’t even have a connector with you. No worries; simply invest in a wireless charger. All you need to do is put your phone on top of the charger (or as instructed by the manual) then go on with your business while waiting for your gadget.

Bracelet Charger

bracelet charger

Want practicality with a dash of stylish appeal? Try a bracelet charger. The USB charger can be used and anywhere. Another bonus is it easily fits on your wrist. With this, you don’t a long, hassle cord in between your phone and charger as these two can sit in your hands at the same time, without making you feel uncomfortable. In addition to that, no one will know at first glance that the accessory you are wearing is a charger as well.



The powermat is a wireless charger that can charge multiple gadgets at the same time. This enables you to have a wireless and portable life. Since the powermat can accommodate more than one gadget, you can also charge your spare phone or let a friend or loved one charge along with you.

Solar Jacket Charger

solar jacket charger

The solar charger is a simple yet amazing concept. The jacket has four solar panels at the back. These solar panels store solar energy, which you can utilize whenever and wherever you want as long as you have the jacket. This solar jacket charger is a great portable device that you can use anytime plus the fact that it is a jacket means you can use it when you are feeling cold or when it is raining.

Credit Card Charger

credit card charger

Cord chargers mean nothing but more untangling, which is a hassle especially if you are in an emergency situation. The credit card charger bears a simple, 1.5 inch long fold-out USB cord. This product resembles a credit card, is lightweight, and convenient to carry around. Since it is thin, you can put it even in your purse. This credit card charger is perfect for extremely unexpected situations when you need to charge your phone.

If you have these chargers with you, you will never go power-less ever again. You will be able to handle emergency situations and blackouts with ease.

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