11 Tips on How to Stay Positive At Work

11 Tips on How to Stay Positive At Work 1

The law of attraction states that thoughts become things. With this logic, a positive outlook at work could lead to more positive results. As an employee, if you have more days where it you see disappointment from clients and customers, then maybe acquisition of a brighter disposition at work could help change that. However, work stressful and being happy under does conditions could be hard. Luckily, these tips have been gathered to help you out:

Keep Learning

While everyday work can get repetitive, there will also be a lot of days where you will be tasked to do something new. Be excited because this is an opportunity for you to learn and hone new skills.

Teach What You Know

Unsolicited advice may be annoying at the gym but, at work, it is beneficial. By giving advice to your workmates, you encourage an environment where everyone contributes.  This will make working smarter and easier for everyone.

Build Relationships with Co-workers

Even though you are all professionals, you and your workmates can all still be friends. Getting super close isn’t a requirement but coming in everyday is more motivating when you enjoy the company of your workmates. Going out for dinner and/or drinks with them could help build this friendship.

Customize Your Workspace

Work provisions can be monotonous but it doesn’t need to stay the way. Given that you know the office rules regarding decoration, you can bring in items that make you happy. These can be like your favourite mug or a picture of your family. Small touches like these can make you feel like you aren’t in an office environment. 

Volunteer to Spearhead a Project

Aside from getting good favour with boss, the benefit of spearheading a project is you have control over how it is done. This will allow you to explore your leadership skills and show your higher ups that you are willing to invest in your career in the company.

One Thing at a Time

When you work, focus on quality over quantity. It will show your boss that you have good standards if you turn in 1 high quality deliverable instead of 4 that are prone to heavy revisions. Doing the former will make you feel like you smartly used your skills.

Set Attainable Goals

It is good to dream big but it is essential to understand that you need to fulfill smaller to goals to get to it. Attaining these small goals will help you gain the skills you need in order to eventually attain catch the big fish.

Use Your Imagination

Companies with a healthy work environment will always be open to new ways to achieve goals more efficiently. If a new idea can help everyone get paid, then why will they shut themselves off to it? Sticking to the same old tricks won’t allow the company to evolve; new ideas do.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

We are not perfect beings and eventually we are going to make a mistake. But you don’t have to see mistakes negatively. One must first identify what his flaw is in order to fix it. Once you fix it, you have done what is called improvement. This always feels awesome and it is a big bonus that employers think it’s awesome for the company. 

Reward Yourself for you Accomplishments

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you’ve greatly succeeded in doing something, then recognize that you did a good job. You could just pat yourself on the back or treat yourself out. Either will do wonders for your self-worth.


Sometimes happiness is just purely infectious. Psychologically, a genuine smile sends positive brain signals to those who give and receive it. Though it may be hard to do so every day, one can practice this by learning to see the good in every situation.


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