6 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Storage Space

Everyone likes to work in a well-organized space, where items are kept in a manner that they are easily identifiable, reachable, and retrievable, be it in an office or a business premise. The first step to establishing a functional warehouse for your business is identifying a storage system ideal for your kind of business. The ideal system must ensure maximum utilization of the available space. Since creating storage is a capital investment, you must identify the right people for the job. STOR’D Mezzanine floor builders have the experience and the expertise required to help you make the best out of your space to enhance your business’s efficiency.

There are various methods like pallet racking UK, you can use to increase the storage space for your business. Here are some cost-effective approaches that your business can adopt.

Mezzanine Floors

They are intermediate floors, either between two main floors or between the floor and the building’s ceiling. They are mostly designed to cover a particular area within the building and not necessarily a whole floor. Their prime purpose is to utilize the idle vertical space to provide additional working space for your business.

Mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly popular in the modern-day business environment due to their cost-effectiveness. You don’t need to rent new space to enlarge your business since your premises’ vertical areas can be transformed into working spaces. Apart from their low-cost implications, mezzanine floors are easily customized to suit your business’s unique needs and are easily convertible for your business’s changing needs. Moreover, they take a short time to install.

Pallet Racking

It is a single or multilevel storage method used to support the high stacking of pelletized supplies. Pallet racks comprise upright columns and horizontal beams to hold the loads. They are a critical component in any material handling business for efficient storage and distribution. They allow quick access to stored goods while maximizing space within the company. At STOR’D, we customize your pallet racks to suit your needs and requirements. We use high tensile steel to ensure quality products that enhance the functionality of your business’ daily operations.

Cantilever Racking

It’s a storage method meant to hold awkward goods that are long, bulky, or odd-sized such as timber, beams, PVC piping, or furniture. Cantilever racks are made of upright columns and bases, have racking arms that support the stored goods, and adjust to varying angles based on the particular storage requirements. The advantage of cantilever racking is their flexibility; they can be made to any length and have a high weight capacity. At STOR’D, we have a variety of options that meet your storage needs. We integrate the racking system to your existing space and take care of your business’s logistical operations.

Long Span Shelving

It is a storage mechanism comprising extended shelves that span a long distance and can be extended to greater distances. Long span shelves are typically made of steel and can hold weighty loads. They comprise horizontal beams, vertical columns, and internal shelves and come in different heights and lengths with additional bays options. They are ideal for storing goods in cartons, hardware, hand-loaded items, and archive shelving. They are durable, easily adjustable, easy to maintain, and easily adaptable to your business’s changing needs.

Work Benches

These are strong, well-built tables made with extended span shelves and pallet racks designed to serve various purposes such as office use, back yard sheds, industrial or domestic uses. They are made from wood or metal with a free stand flat top fitted with several shelves depending on the user’s requirements. They are sometimes fitted with backboards to help keep your items in place. Most of them are collapsible, assembled only when in use, thus freeing up space for other business operations. Some benches are made with castors so that they can be moved from one place to another.

Mobile Shelving

These are shelves made of wood, steel, or plastic used to store large volumes of documents, mostly where space is limited. They are ideal for offices and libraries but can also be used in warehouses. They are an excellent way to increase working space by helping utilize available overhead space. Besides, they are movable, thus create working space when desired.


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