8 Budget-friendly Decorations to Consider on Your Wedding Preparations

Planning a Wedding

You’ve found the perfect person, got engaged, and are now looking to get married and start your life. For most people, that begins with the wedding. Unfortunately, this is also the time when couples incur the most stress typically due to planning, quick-decision making, and finances. Your wedding should be the most beautiful and least stressful day of your life. Here are 8 budget-friendly decorations to consider on your wedding preparations.

1.) Go Artificial for Bouquets

The biggest way you can save money on your wedding ceremony decorating is by going artificial for flowers. Real flowers are pricey, hard to transport, and can become discolored and die before you even say “I do.” Artificial flowers are the way to go because they’re affordable, don’t damage as easily, and can be used for years to come.

2.) Artificial Flowers Make Great Centerpieces Too

Not only can you save a pretty penny by making your bouquets and boutonnieres out of artificial flowers, you can also make centerpieces and ceremony decorations with them. Artificial flowers photograph really well and hold their shape. You can string them through arches, across seats, and wherever else you think needs a little floral pop.

3.) Create Your Own Arch

The arches are gorgeous. Frequently, couples get married in front of or underneath these during the ceremony. They’re especially popular for outdoor weddings in woodsy or beach settings. These arches can get expensive, especially when commissioning someone else to create them. They are surprisingly easy to make on your own if you have a little bit of woodworking knowledge. When decorating an arch on a budget, a little goes a long way. Add subtle pops of flower, greenery, and another décor that has special meaning to your relationship.

4.) Decorating With Candles Sets the Tone

Candles are incredibly inexpensive and romantic, making them the perfect centerpieces for a wedding. Consider buying candles in bulk for even more of a deal. You can use these candles to create unique centerpieces by combining them with greenery. Floating candles inside of a ceramic bowl is another soft and romantic option for an intimate ceremony. Get creative and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how candles truly set the mood for your ceremony.

5.) White String Lights

Another way to increase the romantic ambiance is by weaving white string lights throughout your ceremony location. These can typically be found cheaply in bulk or after the holiday sales. White twinkling lights are incredibly romantic and provide a soft glow to your ceremony, creating a more intimate feel. These can be wrapped around arches, chairs, trees, signs, and more. It adds a soft pop of color and can be used to draw attention to your other décor.

6.) A Little Ribbon Goes A Long Way

When searching for budget-friendly decorations, you really can’t go wrong with ribbon. That’s because it’s one of the most inexpensive types of decoration and it’s so versatile. You can use ribbon as a makeshift runner on a table linen and tablecloths. You can weave ribbon through the trees or the ceiling of wherever your ceremony may be to create some more dimension. You can easily find a ribbon that matches your décor and find a way to incorporate it throughout.

7.) Stock up on Mason Jars

Mason jars are the best-kept secret of the crafting and DIY worlds. That’s because they’re sturdy, inexpensive, and can be used in a multitude of ways. Mason jars are the perfect complement to a rustic wedding by wrapping them in a little bit of burlap. If a colorful spring wedding is what you crave, use mason jars as vases to house colorful tulips. They can be used as décor, drinkware, candleholders, and more. They’re practical and stylish.

8.) Crafting With Wood

If you’re decorating on a budget, consider using wood however you can. Wood is fairly inexpensive, even free most times! You can cut wood to make circular serving dishes. You can use a long piece of wood to write a welcoming message. You can also get creative with paint, messaging, and more!

Conclusion: Going All Out Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Decorating for your special day can be beautiful and affordable. Just be smart about it. Shop wholesale and bulk wherever you can, DIY as many things as possible, and do your research. Cutting small costs in the décor adds up to big savings over the course of planning a wedding.


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