How To Go About Choosing Perfect Table Centerpieces?

How To Go About Choosing Perfect Table Centerpieces? 1

Whether it’s a business conference, wedding reception or thanksgiving dinner with family there is no right or wrong table centerpiece. However, the centerpiece needs to reflect the overall theme and vibe of the celebration. During a wedding for instance the most anticipated event is the reception party, this is when the real celebration i.e. singing, dancing and drinks take place. Even though the majority of couples rightfully put a great deal of attention on lavish entertainment and food, it is equally important to focus on the table décor. Keep in mind the fact that the décor plays a huge part in setting the stage for a beautiful wedding reception. But overlooking little things which can help you add a touch of class and beauty to the wedding is easy. Always have a checklist of common things to check like floral arrangement, table settings, linens, table centerpieces, and lights.

The importance of table centerpieces

Many couples do not really think twice about their table’s centerpieces, the same goes for hosts at house parties. However, giving the table’s centerpiece a bit of thought is important because many of the guests will spend the majority of their time seated around the dining table.

When the guests are not moving, dancing and mingling they are seated to enjoy music, eat and drink in the company of loved ones and friends. Because so much time is spent around the table it is very important that the couple focuses some time on creating a festive and pleasant atmosphere. That said there are two main types of wedding centerpieces i.e. flower arrangements with mirrors at times and candles. However, for a more inviting feel tea cakes which are elegantly arranged on a tray will also do.

How To Go About Choosing Perfect Table Centerpieces? 2

Factors to consider

There are quite a few things you should consider when trying to choose the perfect table centerpieces. The first and probably the most commonsense way to start is to have a budget in mind. Think about if your budget fall in the low, medium or unlimited range. Take a look at your guest list and decide exactly how many of your tables will be needed and then based on that how many centerpieces will be required. On average you’ll have around four guests at each table so if you’re expecting forty guests you’ll have ten tables that require ten centerpieces.

You will also want to choose a centerpiece that is not too large. A large centerpiece can take up a lot of space and make it uncomfortable for guests to be seated, view the dance floor or even enjoy some extra food with a few plates already on it.

If the dinner or reception of your wedding is being held in a rather dimly lit venue you need to have candles as part of your centerpiece or you can also have tea lights which create great highlights and shadows. If the event is being held outdoors you need to bear in mind the fact that some centerpieces can be subject to damage owing to exposure to the elements. For instance, if it’s the hot summer then a centerpiece consisting of fruits and some chocolates will be damaged by the heat.

Coordinate with the venue managers

Once you have shortlisted a few possibly good table centerpieces you need to get them approved by the venue management. There are some venues that may place restrictions on things like candles, lanterns and other types of open flames. You may also not be allowed to include breakable glass as part of the centerpiece. This will require that you adjust the centerpiece accordingly. You may also want to confirm things like setup times with the person at the venue just to make sure that you have enough time to setup everything. Plus, you’ll want to find out who is responsible for cleaning after the event is over.

How To Go About Choosing Perfect Table Centerpieces? 3

Try not to go overboard

When choosing the perfect table centerpieces experts like Staging Connections suggests that people always add colors that fit the theme of the wedding, party or dinner. Do not have more than three or four colors. Going overboard by adding a little of everything will throw the entire purpose of a centerpiece out the window. 

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