Seven Tips for Hosting an Asian Wedding in London That No One Will Reveal

For an Asian living in London or anywhere else in the UK, their root culture is something that they hold great value to. And what better an occasion than a wedding to showcase that cultural class and swansong.

asian wedding

While the living style of an Asian residing in London will no doubt become blended in the urbane life of the city, the cultural occasions like weddings are something they want to host in the traditional manner particular to their religion and traditions. An Asian wedding (especially an Indian wedding) is nothing short of a grand affair, a-la Bollywood style to say of the grandeur that it possesses.

If you are planning to host an Asian wedding for yourself or your children, then there’s a lot to arrange. In a different country, hosting something specific to your traditions, and especially a wedding that calls for splendour may prove to be a big headache, right from finding a top London Asian wedding photographer to a venue, food arrangement, and more. However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as we list down some key tips to follow that will help ease your way and enable you to create an effective checklist.

  • Plan it According to Your Traditions and Guest

The basic traditions have to be kept intact, as that is how a wedding should be managed. Make sure you are aware of the traditions and plan for them accordingly. If perplexed get an elder in your family or a known person acquainted with the traditions specific to your precise cultures. Secondly, you are hosting the event for your guests, and it will include both, people from your culture, nation-origin, as well as local ones who might be new to such a wedding. Make sure the wedding isn’t overwhelming for all. This should be a good balance of course of traditions along with making the event meaningful, enjoyable, and not burdened for local, English guests.

  • Check the Legal Regulations of Hosting the Wedding

There might be some legalities involved in arranging such an event, specific to the location and region you are living in. This has to be checked and fulfilled beforehand, so everything goes smoothly.

  • Scout for the Asian Wedding Location

Not all venues in your proximity may host a specific Asian wedding. So your search for a wedding venue must be built around finding a venue that is known for and is able to host an Asian wedding, complete with all the aspects involved.

  • Send an RSVP and Inform Every One of the Ceremonies and Events

An Asian wedding is full of different events and ceremonies. And not many of your guests may be aware of all those. So, it would be pretty good if, either through your invite or through any other means, you can inform them of all that is going to happen at the wedding. This will enable them to know what they can expect, how much time it is going to take and they aren’t left confused in the end.

The timeliness is important so, you have to send out an RSVP to make sure your guests confirm whether they are coming or not. Inform them about the time specified, and tell them that if they are late they may miss out on events.

  • Make the Most of the Ceremonies

Keep the aesthetics of your wedding intact and ensure that everything goes according to what Asian wedding ceremonies should be. Plan accordingly to have enough time for the ceremonies included in the wedding so that everything happens timely and creates the best enjoyable moment for all.

  • Hire a Quality, Expert and Experienced Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a part of every wedding, but for an Asian wedding, it goes a notch higher. There are multiple ceremonies, customs, and traditions, and there might be a huge crowd that has to be captured beautifully and in a creative manner. Search for a top London Asian wedding photographer that knows how to cover the entire event and bring the best out on the canvas. They must also be technically expert to bring uniqueness and a trendy capturing style akin to the current trends.

  • Arrange for Food Thoughtfully

Food is key to any wedding, but when it comes to an Asian wedding, the palate culture is a different world on its own. For anyone familiar with an Asian wedding, they would have experienced how multi-variant the food arrangement has to be. But you have to be calculative here. Your guests would include people from different ethnicity and cultures, who would have a different preference for food. Make sure that you keep the interest of all the guests in mind, bring the classiness of your custom’s food to the event, as well as items in numbers, quality, and distinctiveness that fulfil the need of all the guests.

Don’t get carried away, plan according to the guests, traditions, and your budget, so hire the top London Asian wedding photographer, and other caterers, and follow the above tips to make it a perfect Asian wedding event in London that all will appreciate.

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