How to Start a Flower Arrangement Business

flower arrangementFlower arrangement is a fun hobby to start that everyone can easily learn. There is no manual on what to use on flower arrangement design, it only depends on your creative imagination and design according to type of occasion.

There are actually different types of flower arrangement designs that you can try. One is Korean floral arrangement. It is made of delicate flowers and is arranged in a dainty pattern. Or you could also go for the ever popular Japanese style of Ikebana. There are also thousands of different types of flowers you can use to create the perfect flower arrangement.

Another popular trend in flower arrangement is to work with artificial flowers. These flowers are often made of silk or other such material. The best thing about these arrangements is that they are long lasting hypoallergenic for those having allergies. Besides they look natural and beautiful as well. Whether you use real flowers or artificial, any arrangement that you can make will be incredible.

An important thing about this wonderful art is that you can convert it into a flourishing business. You can earn good money by starting your own florist shop. You can either choose to become a wholesale florist or a retailer. You will soon find that there is no business like flower business!

I. Investment Requirements
flower arrangement

II. Flower Arrangement Procedure

1. Attached the stick to the foam and secure it by using a plastic string.
2. Soak the floral foam in water with sugar or chlorine till it stops to bubble.
3. Cover the stick with floral tape, hiding the string.
4. Arrange small amount of Formosa leaves on the floral foam.
5. Arrange the fresh flowers in an arc shape or dome like.
6. Insert some fresh leaves and Angel’s Breath fresh flowers to highlight your arrangement.
7. Attach the doily using a glue gun.
8. Make two ribbons using the wires and attach it to the stick below the doily.
9. Cover the stick with a floral tape, covering the wires.


1. Insert the wired 2 pieces of mums stem in a dome shaped foam and secure it with string (topiary form). Soak foam in water till it stops to bubble.
2. Put the soaked floral foam in the bottom of the clay pot then place topiary form in.
3. Cover the topiary with Formosa and the foam between the topiary and the pot.
4. Arrange the mums in a ball-like shape.
5. Arrange flowers at the bottom.


Corsage Making
1. Cut the head of the flower, leaving 3/4 stem. Insert the end of a stem wire vertically into the base.
2. Loosely wrap the wire around the full length of the stem in a spiral. Cover the stem and wire with floral tape.
3. After wiring the flower head, add the fillers and greens to the flower by wrapping them together using florists wire. Always add the filler first to surround the flower and the foliage last to frame it in.
4. Cut excess wire off after wrapping around twice.
5. Attach the florist bow by wiring. Cover the stem with floral tape. Attach the safety pin.


Rose Ball Bouquet

Easy and inexpensive to make. Try using dahlias or carnations for a different look. The trick is get the flowers as close together as possible when you are placing them into the ball. Use fresh or silk flowers.

* Styrofoam Ball
* 2 dozen stems of silk rose buds

Tools needed:
Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Directions for making with silk flowers:
Pull the roses off the stems or use a wire cutter to remove -leaving a 1/4″ on each. Using a toothpick make a hole in the Styrofoam ball for each rose bud you are attaching. Then fill with a dot of hot glue – place the rose in hole. Let dry. Continue adding roses until the ball is filled.

You can insert a few leaves between the roses for added color.

Directions for fresh flowers
You will doing the same as above but instead of a Styrofoam ball use an Oasis foam ball for fresh flowers. Also instead of using hot glue to hold your flowers in place use greening pins instead.

To make a handle
If you want to carry your rose ball you can easily make a handle. Use ribbons or jute. Measure desired length x 2 and add 3 inches for the knot. Tie into a loop (double knot). Hold in place with greening pin. Then hot glue another greening pin over the top.


Basic Flower Arrangement Designs

If you are used to working with fresh flowers, it will take some time to get used to all the possibilities and limitations when using silks. Though so similar in use, artificial flowers are an entirely different art form. The line, focal, filler technique is an excellent way to design artificial and dried flower arrangements.

Horizontal Arrangements
1. Using a relatively shallow container, anchor foam with a lot of glue or use anchor pins, and position sprays of line flowers to establish the shape of the design.
2. Insert focal flowers in the middle so they gently droop over the lip of the container on both sides, reach towards the line material and extend on either side of the middle. Leave room for filler flowers.
3. Fill in and around focal area with filler flowers and foliage.

Vertical Arrangements
1. Wedge or secure foam in a vase with hot glue. Cut the stems of the tallest flowers or leaves to reach three or four times the height of the vase.
2. Place the focal flowers vertically within the diameter of the vase.
3. Fill in the areas as needed with filler flowers.

Triangular Arrangements
1. Secure floral foam. Determine the vertical height and horizontal width with the smallest line flowers and/or leaves. Make the height higher than the width.
2. Position the largest focal flowers in the heart of the arrangement and slightly lower to give weight and balance.
3. Fill in with the filler flowers and foliage keeping within the triangular shape.

Crescent Arrangements
1. Secure foam in container. Determine length of crescent and insert curved line flowers or leaves to follow the crescent form. Angle the shape to balance in the container.
2. Insert the focal flowers fairly low in the bowl to achieve balance, stability and depth.
3. Fill in around the focal flowers with smaller flowers and foliage. Place wisps of filler flowers that gracefully taper off the ends.

Oval arrangements
1. Secure the floral foam. Determine the height with line flowers, then frame in the outer edges of the oval shape with light colored flowers and foliage.
2. Place the largest, strongest or brightest flowers in the focal area.
3. Fill in around the larger flowers and leaves with the filler flowers.

Minimal Arrangements
1. Adhere foam to container. Insert vertical line flowers to determine the height, and secure the horizontal line flowers to give the basic outline of the arrangement.
2. Place the focal flowers.
3. Fill in with filler flowers as needed.

The lazy “S” or “Hogarth’s Curve”
1. Anchor the foam securely. Bend the stems gently into graceful curves and insert them in place so they balance.
2. Add the focal flowers following the lines of the upper and lower curves.
3. Cluster filler blossoms and foliage around the central flowers maintaining the rhythm of the ‘S’.

Free Standing Arrangements
1. Fill a shallow container with foam that extends one inch over the top. Secure the foam with hot glue, floral clay or floral tape. Define the shape of the design with the line flowers and leaves.
2. Place the focal flowers and leaves, turning the vase as you go so all the sides are even.
3. Add filler flowers to integrate the design.

III. Pricing and Costing
flower arrangement

IV. Estimated Sales Per Day
flower arrangement

Click here for Business Permits and Licenses needed to start your business.

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Photo: save-on-crafts.com

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