The Marketing Consultants at LeadsCon

Conventions are a great way of bringing together like minded people to share new ideas and showcase new innovations. Most conventions are generally based upon industry, profession and fandom. In the last decade, business conventions have significantly expanded their influence and has developed into a brand itself. 

LeadsCon, one of the most renowned business conventions and producer of the world’s largest event for lead generation professionals, brings in over 2500 attendees across diverse backgrounds. These attendees consist of people mainly relating to the following line of work.  

  • Lead Buyers and Lead Sellers.
  • Business Aggregators and Agencies.
  • Marketing Consultants.
  • Financial and Marketing Services.
  • Networking Solution Providers.
  • Technology Solution Providers.
  • Business Affiliates.

Started in 2008, LeadsCon has gained a reputation as the main event for lead generators and performance marketers. For 2020, LeadsCon will feature new programs and expand on certain elements in addition to their conference program covering new ground in the fields of social media, automation, predictive analysis, visual marketing, SEO marketing and new compliance acts. 

What are the New Elements of LeadsCon 2020?

The new elements for 2020 are part of a seven-figure investment in design, marketing, technology, content creation and buyer experiences to drive more attendee growth and encourage face to face interaction among buyers and sellers. This will lead to a deeper understanding and spotlight innovation.

Power Buyers

A new initiative to assemble the industry’s bigwigs of lead generation across specific key segments such as mortgage and lending, education, home services, fintech, insurance and healthcare. The Power Buyers initiative features category-specific content delivered through private ‘Buyer Only’ tours and exhibitions. The leading feature being the unveiling of the 2020 Lead-Gen Dream Team.


LeadsConnect is an app which enables buyers and sellers book on-site private meetings. For 2020, LeadsCon will triple investment in the program with more tech-enabled opportunities and a dedicated LeadsConnect exhibition hall experience for better interaction. 

Innovation Alley

Innovation Alley is a section reserved for showcasing the latest products. Sellers can increase recognition, content and exhibit their breakthrough solutions to the industry’s best entrepreneurs.

Women of LeadsCon 

To diversity efforts, women relating to areas of content, networking, excursions and peer-to-peer relationship building will be in the spotlight. These Women of LeadsCon have contributed significantly in their idea-sharing and industry related connections.

Recognition and Research 

A new segment for LeadsCon 2020, focuses on recognition of the best products, people and places to work. Research pertaining to the industry’s present and future trends including the direction of the Lead-Gen State of Industry Report will be unveiled. 


The parent-company of LeadsCon, Access Intelligence has a large network of media assets which will be used to promote attendance in key buyer segments while also expanding its investment program in advertising and promotional marketing.

These milestones for the 2020 event will continue to develop to serve the lead-generation world. As of the time of writing, registrations are still open for LeadsCon 2020, to be held from March 30th to April 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Marketing Consultants at LeadsCon 1

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant lends their knowledge and expertise in aiding organizations to increase their brand awareness, marketing leads and customer base. Companies approach marketing consultants to implement new marketing and advertising strategies through meticulously designed marketing campaigns. The main benefits of hiring the services of a marketing consultant are listed below. 

  • Provides sound advice on the budgeting and opportunity costs of a business. 
  • Analyses market research and constructs a clear-cut strategy to position a business.
  • Streamlines complex processes and estimates the product development life cycle.
  • Creates new unique strategies to boost the conversion rates of a business.
  • Greatly alleviates the customer experience and public relations of a business.
  • Based on the attributes of a business, growth and expansion strategies are devised.
  • Can introduce a business to new forms of advertising such as social media marketing.

Furthermore, a marketing consultant can advance the potential of a business by helping improve its Search Engine optimization (SEO), discover new profitable markets, penetrate existing markets, identify target audiences, attract new customers, etc.

The main goal of a marketing consultant is to ameliorate a business by increasing better sales, better awareness and better results with their customers. Tailor made marketing advice on sales forecasts, product developments, product pricing, licensing, expansion, franchise planning and seamless workflow strategies are suggested after an in-depth analysis has been conducted based on the factors that motivate customers. Formulated strategies are put together to improve a business by maximizing customer lifetime value, directing brand management and utilizing social media marketing tools effectively.

Marketing Consultants generally have a mix of technical and soft skills such as marketing, business, communications and psychology. Many will specialize in specific areas pertaining to marketing as listed below. 

  • Online Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Nonprofit Marketing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Print Advertising.
  • Public relations.
  • Direct Response Marketing.

When it comes to scaling a business, many factors should be addressed properly so that the business gains substantial visibility on social media sites, search engines and many other new digital marketing channels.

If you are in need of a marketing consultant for your business. Consider hiring one who is both, a creative thinker and a practical, result-driven analyst. Remember that any consultant you hire should be familiar and well versed with the consumer behavior related to your target audience and is willing to work collaboratively for your specific business goals in order to achieve the best possible result.

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