How to Write a Perfect Blog Summary?

You may need to write a summary for many purposes like research writing, essay writing or generally summarizing the article for making notes.

Summarizing the articles does not mean to add your own opinion in it, it means to write down the most important point of the article, main concept, and the idea of the article. It is a short overview of the written articles by reducing their length one third.

In this article, we will learn how to write a summary and what alternatives can be used in this regard.

blog summary

1. Read  the text thoroughly:

In the first step, read the text thoroughly to know about the topic content, highlighting the main points and important lines you want to include in your summary.

You may not find all the main points in one read so you might have to re-read it to not miss any point while writing a summary.

A summary should be written in such a way that the readers can understand the main concept of the topic. Pay attention to the first and last lines of the paragraphs like the first line of the paragraph gives a sense of what each paragraph is about and the last line concludes the whole paragraph.

2. Make notes to make it manageable:

After reading the text, several times you will be able to write down the important points of the article to make notes. Focus on the highlighting sentences and write them separately to make notes.

Then decide which part to include first and which part at the last, there should be symmetry and structure in your article, even though it’s a summary and length is reduced, do not summarize the article randomly without management and coordination of your words.

By writing notes and structure of your summary, you will be able to omit unnecessary sentences which are stretching the article, your notes should give sense to the readers about the key points of the particular topic and they should all be well structured.

3. Write your summary:

 When you have thoroughly read the article and have noted all the main points of the article, it’s time to write the summary. Finally, it’s time for action to put your words in action. Make sure all points are covered in your summary and the summary is well structured.

After writing the summary, proofread and edit the summary to find any mistakes in it. After writing and proofreading, your summary is ready for final submission.

Use a summarizing tool:

Sometimes we find it hectic to write down the summary as it is a time-requiring process and needs a lot of attention, effort, and energy. The writers, researchers, and bloggers need a tool that can automatically summarize the article, doing this can save a lot of their time and energy.

If you want to summarize the article, you can use summary maker tool to write short summaries.

summarize now
  • Summarizing tool can summarize the article by extracting the key points of the article, automatically organizing the summary, and you can use this tool for summarizing lengthy essays and avoid reading articles to write a researchful post for thesis writing, etc.
  • Most of online summarizing tools are completely free to use and you can summarize as many articles as you can and at any time etc.
  • This summarizing tool can summarize the article in multiple languages.
  • The AI system is well developed and has intelligent algorithms to write the summary without missing any important information and decluttering fluffy words. The users can upload the document in the form of a document, google doc, pdf file or can copy-paste the file.


The summarizing tools for writing a summary can save a lot of time for the writers to get a high-quality summary in no time. The system works automatically to find out the main and rephrasing the summary and reducing its length.

The summarizing tools rearrange the text without changing its original meaning and reducing the length without missing any essential information.

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