Important Things To Consider When Choosing The Type Of Hosting For Your Website

Hosting services are not as simple as it was a few years ago. As technology is rapidly evolving, you need to keep up with all the trends. A thorough analysis of the type of service that would fit your site best is also needed before you commit to it. If you are looking for the best type of hosting for your website then here are some important things to consider:

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Understand your Site’s Needs

First, you need to identify the needs of your website in order to choose the type of hosting that would work well with it. You may have heard that WordPress hosting is good for many but it might not be the same case for you. You need to consider the security, advancements, and scalability of your website before choosing the appropriate option. These questions will help you choose the type of web hosting server that would cater to its needs.

Types of Hosting

Once you have clearly understood the needs of your website, you’re ready for the next step. The four main types of hosting include:

  • Shared

As the name suggests, this refers to the type of hosting where you share the resources of a single server with several other websites. It is the most common and cost-effective option and works best for entry-level websites that do not have huge budgets. Setting it up is easy as well and you don’t need any technical know-how to start. However, the resources will be limited for each website as you will be sharing the server with others.

As you will be sharing these resources, it is possible that you will experience speed issues if one of the sharing websites has a huge influx of traffic. Interestingly, a UK-based web host provider, www.jolt.co.uk advises you to work with a company that provides various plans equipped with fast hosting speed. Hence, if you’re looking to get a shared web host, you will need to do your research regarding the server you’re choosing to ensure you get a good service worth your money.

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Companies turn to VPS hosting when their business grows and shared service is not enough to cater to their website’s needs anymore. The main server is divided into multiple virtual servers that can be modified by different websites to cater to their individual needs. A virtual private server gives you the option to share the single server with a lesser number of websites. It’s like the shared-hosting option with lesser websites sharing the single server, and hence more amount of resources. It is important to note that VPS offers dedicated resources to each website. It also offers faster loading time and higher uptime rates.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is considered the best option for businesses that receive tons of traffic on their website. It refers to the type of hosting dedicated to your site alone and you do not have to share the server with anyone else. All the resources belong to you and hence the loading speed is faster and uptime rates are higher. This type also requires you to have the technical knowledge to manage it. Due to all the great benefits that come with it, it is also the most expensive option. However, if you receive more than 10,000 website visits, the fast loading speed and higher uptime rates are worth the money. 

  • Cloud Hosting

This type is like a more cost-effective version of VPS. It provides scalability and offers higher uptime rates than traditional web host options. Moreover, cloud hosting gives you the option to only pay for the resources you use compared to others with a fixed rate. It is a reliable, secure, and cost-effective option for websites. However, it is important to note that these costs can increase if your site receives a higher than usual influx of traffic, causing it to become a bit more expensive.

Should I Opt for Reseller Hosting?

As you can see, your business will definitely need a website to keep up with the demands of your customers. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can opt for reseller hosting as an opportunity to expand your business. It’s simple and affordable yet it will give you an additional stream of income.

reseller hosting

These are the primary website hosting options that you can consider for your business. You can find many other types available online, however, it is important to do proper research before you commit to a particular web host service. Choose the hosting option that fully caters to your needs and fits into your budget.

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