Which is a Better business Option between VPS and CDN?

Nowadays, businesses are not restricted to a physical store. In order to get maximum exposure, they are emphasizing to establish an online presence. It can be done by creating an alluring and engaging website, which will successfully attract a maximum number of customers. This not only enhances the circumference of the business, but also converts the visitors to potential clients.

Which is a Better business Option between VPS and CDN? 1

The websites are not restricted to the local places and can be accessed from all over the world. This advantage makes the websites highly preferable over the physical shops. However, it is important to maintain the quality of the website along with the fascinating appeal. If the clients experience lag while accessing a website, then the chances of discarding it becomes high. How to cope with the acute problem? Let us have a look at the article to get a clear conception about the same.

How to Improvise the Performance of the Websites?

Website those are prone to receive higher traffic or have contents with higher resolution needs a support system. This accentuates the user experience along with seamless access. Virtual Private Server or VPS and CDN or Content Delivery Network can work great for accelerating the performance of the websites. In order to understand the importance of both the technologies, it is essential to understand, what are these?

What is CDN?

CDN is Content Delivery Network that delivers contents to the clients at a rapid speed across the world. CDN is an assimilation of various edge servers, which are placed in diversified locations of the world. The information from the host server is cached in those proxy servers, making them act like a host server. Whenever a user opts for a particular site, the request is sent to one of the closest nodes. This remarkably reduces the geographical distance between the users and servers leading to depleted latency. It helps in reducing the time frame between the browser demand and server response. Hence, the websites can be accessed immediately without much uptime.

Benefits of CDN

Content Delivery Network is an outstanding option for enhancing client satisfaction and reducing loading time. The benefits offered by CDN are as follows:

  • CDN has the capacity to handle a huge traffic smoothly, as it gets distributed in various nodes. Numerous people can enjoy an access to a specific website with flawless efficiency.
  • Latency is reduced.
  • The bandwidth on the host server is reduced that diminishes the stress on it. This can lead to huge cost saving.
  • CDN makes the websites highly available. If one node is unresponsive then the request from the user is routed to the next nearest node. This doesn’t let the users experience any lag.
  • Since the static contents of a web page are loaded in the proxy servers, it gets delivered to the clients quickly.

What is VPS?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting service that offers elevated user experience by reducing the uptime. It can be explained as a perfect assimilation of dedicated as well as shared web hosting service. It offers benefits of a dedicated hosting service in exchange for a minimum price. A host server is segregated into numerous servers that act as a partially dedicated server for a web page. A virtual machine is offered to a business or website to behave like a dedicated server. The components like the hard drive, CPU, RAM, Network bandwidth, and physical machine are shared with the other websites. In contrast, the components like the web server, website, rebooting, applications, operating system, and security are available in a dedicated way.

Benefits of VPS

VPS is not a physical machine but a virtual server that is basically shared from a dedicated host server. Some of the advantages offered by VPS are as follows:

  • The performance, as well as the uptime, is not affected by a peer that witnesses a greater traffic. Due to the availability of the dedicated components, the efficiency is hiked remarkably.
  • The root access to the servers is granted to the webmasters that allow them to design the server as per the requirement.
  • The customized software package can be installed on the servers as per the compatibility.
  • Security offered by the server is enhanced.
  • It is a platform that helps various servers to dwell in an eco-friendly manner, without wasting resources.
  • VPS is a scalable source that doesn’t let the users experience any technical concerns.
  • It is the most cost-effective way of enjoying a dedicated server with tailored components.

Attributes of CDN vs. VPS

The attributes of both the services are stated below:

  • VPS has higher maintenance than CDN. If the web hosting service is availed from an organization then VPS is easy to handle, otherwise, CDN is a better option.
  • The cost of CDN is lesser in comparison to the VPS. However, with enhanced traffic, it might be a wise decision to opt for VPS as the components are customizable as per requirement.
  • CDN offers 100% availability as the static contents are distributed among multiple networks. However, VPS is dedicated to performing only for a particular website and works great if management is accomplished in an efficient way.
  • The performance of the CDN varies in case of different providers. VPS is designed as per the requirement of that particular web page.
  • The CPU usage and bandwidth costs can be controlled with CDN. VPS is a part of the dedicated host and the attributes can be altered if needed.


Between VPS and CDN, the latter is recommended as a better service. This offers a noteworthy boost in the performance and also manages the traffic efficiently, irrespective of the size of the business. The conjugation of the platforms of standard hosting and CDN takes the emphasis away from the host server. This also enhances the performance of a web page that is enriched with content and also faces a huge traffic. Hence, in order to accelerate the performance of a website, CDN is a more cost-effective and proficient selection.

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