Trying to Build a Taxi App like Ola? Here is All That you Wanted to Know

One needs no introduction to Ola apps for booking cabs across the cities in India. It is one of the leading cab service apps across the world and is widely popular due to its avant-garde features that makes life easier for the passengers. Whether you are heading to the airport or rushing to office during that mad rush, there could be perhaps no better option than hiring an Ola. This is especially convenient if you don’t have a car of your own or even when your own car is in the garage for repairs.

Trying to Build a Taxi App like Ola? Here is All That you Wanted to Know 1

Although it was baffling to get a hang of these apps and their mechanisms in the beginning, with constant innovation and thoughtful design it’s a breeze to access these apps now. Not to mention, we are rather comfortable booking our favourite cabs with the Ola app, than run around to get a bus or a taxi and waste some precious time. With the success of Ola and other similar apps and the potential that this industry has, many new players are coming up with their own apps.

They are constantly improving their apps to stay into the competition and the one who is making the most out of it, is the consumer. So, what contributes to the success of Ola? It’s the incredible cab booking software designed by the company that makes all the difference. The entire process of booking the taxi and making a payment becomes a cake walk with this software. Wondering how to develop an app like Ola to get into the competition?

How does the Ola app work?

Trying to Build a Taxi App like Ola? Here is All That you Wanted to Know 2

Go to the Google Play Store or iTunes and download the Ola app, finish adding your details during the signup process, and you are ready to book your first ride! Bonus, you can add a referral code earned from any of your friends and add the code during the signup process and voila! You get your first ride free!

  • It’s good if you turn the location on before you log into the app.
  • Once you are signed in, your pickup location is automatically taken. If you want to enter a different pickup location, select from the saved list or type in the address and the software automatically generates the rest of the location.
  • Now enter the drop location.
  • You will now see an array of cab options based on the car type (micro, mini, or prime). It will display an option for other cab services like shared, taxi, rentals, outstation and shuttle.
  • Wait time is displayed at the top of these services so, you know how soon the cab would arrive.
  • Tap on a car service to select the option for instance, if you press “Prime” you will be offered the options of Sedan, Prime Play, and Prime SUV.
  • Once you have selected your option, you can hit the “Ride Now” or “Ride Later” buttons that are displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • If you select the “Ride now” button it will take you to the next page where it offers two price options, one for solo drivee, and the other for shared. On selection of your choice, you can then press “confirm booking” button at the bottom.
  • From here you can also apply the coupons for the options listed below and even set up your payment in either cash mode, or Ola money.

It’s a breeze with the Ola app to book a cab in seconds with it’s user-friendly approach. It also offers bonus features like Ola Select, and Ola Share Pass for an added experience. Refer & earn, check the rate card, your rides, and more with this app that makes the entire process seamless.

How to Develop an App like Ola: A mobile application is usually formed of 3 modules of which one is for the passenger, another one for the taxi driver, and the 3rd module for the admin.

Application module for the passenger contains:

  • Option for user registration
  • Different features for cab booking
  • Payment options for the user
  • Push notifications
  • Previous Ride Details
  • Free fare calculator
  • Reviews and Ratings option for the driver
  • Pickup location
  • Unable to allow GPS access
  • Option to select the type of the vehicle
  • Voice recognition allows cab booking using voice commands.
  • Chat option allowing the customer to chat with the driver/drivers and send them text or audio messages.
  • Split payments option in case the passenger wants to share the ride
  • Showing the arrival time of the cab
  • Customer retention and acquisition techniques using special offers, rewards, badges, etc.
  • Option of redeeming discount coupons by entering the code or digital coupon.

Application module for the driver contains:

  • Push Notification whenever a cab is booked by a passenger
  • History of the passenger
  • Pickup location
  • Passenger address visible to the driver
  • Notification for orders
  • Navigation and total distance covered in kilometres
  • Detailed reports of current earnings including any incentives

Module for the Admin contains:

The admin section should usually cover a detailed report of the passenger and the driver information. This database should be editable and should be capable of generating full reports.

While you must keep these features in mind, you should also make use of latest and more advanced technologies like GPS, proximity sensor, etc. easily available on almost all smartphones these days for a seamless experience. VironIT is one such app development company that can assist you with the right tools and technology to help you build the taxi app that you have dreamt of. It offers world-class services also in the field of mobile app development and makes the entire process an easy thing using languages like C++, Java, Unity 3D, PHP, Android, etc.

Now that you know how to go about it, make sure that your app is fully customizable with a simple layout accompanied with multiple features and options. It should be simple enough for the customer to simply look at it and understand how to go about it or each the right page. User feedback is equally important to maintain transparency and the legitimacy of your services. While you can improve your app with the feedbacks and suggestions, it will also help earn the customer trust and acquire more users through referrals.

Building a taxi app is no rocket science these days. All you need is the right resources, technology, and a better understanding of the product to create an amazing taxi app. So, if you are still wondering how to develop an app like Ola, this post is just right for you.

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