How To Better Manage And Track Your Company’s Trailer Fleet

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Benefit From Maximizing Your Company’s Fleet Management

The complete operational procedure of your fleet of vehicles comes under fleet management. When you have a few vehicles or a dozen of them, you will need a system to properly manage them. Managing the fleet properly brings benefits of being compliant, ensuring safety, maintaining vehicles as well as being able to track their location. You will be able to coordinate the vehicles by tracking their location and being able to estimate the time they will arrive or depart. With all the information you will get, you will be able to create schedules for your drivers and be more efficient in delivery. 

To be able to get the best out of your fleet management practices, you should focus your goals on optimizing efficiency and improving the overall control over the organization. Below are some tips that can help you to improve and track your company’s trailer fleet properly.

Focus On Customers

Ensuring the satisfaction of your customers and clients should always be given prime importance. By incorporating proper trailer utilization systems, you will be able to make quick decisions to ensure that your customers are satisfied. You will be able to schedule through maintaining schedules which will prevent unexpected breakdowns of the trailer. Be proactive with your fleet location and in case you notice that an unexpected traffic jam or other problems lay in a route, you can quickly alert the drivers. This means that all your deliveries will always reach on time. Taking preventative measures in time will help in preventing any delays which eventually will lead to making your customers happy. The more satisfied your customers are the more they will rely on your services which will increase sales and build brand loyalty. 

Ensure Compliance

You can avoid hefty fines by maintaining vehicle compliance for your fleet. There are many regulations that are put in place like the requirement of proper paperwork or vehicle information. With a system in place, you can provide all these documents with no extra time wasted. You will be able to sustain compliance by making sure that all the vehicles are safe to operate, the drivers are healthy to drive on the road and the fuel efficiency is maintained. This will even help to further cost down cost. 

Plan Vehicle Life Cycles

Fleet management includes carefully deciding when the vehicles in the fleet are unfit for the road and when new purchases must be done. When you create a new trailer acquisition schedule, you have to make sure that you balance the cost as well as the benefits that it will bring to you. The pros and includes should be added to the price. These include the need for adding a tracking device to the new trailer, fuel consumption levels, the need for maintenance, and the resale value of the trailer that is already a part of the fleet. Newer vehicles come with enhanced features which means that they can withstand more wear and tear and therefore their life cycle would be longer. Compared to older trailers, newer ones are more fuel-efficient and have more safety features. 

Management Of Finances

The trailers for a fleet are usually an expensive investment along with the cost of maintaining and repairing them. For this reason, you should keep a sharp eye on the finances. You must make it a point to balance the expenses you incur and the income you will receive. This means that you should form a system to track fuel costs, maintenance needs, repair costs, and any additional costs that may crop up. Good accounting software in place can help to track all these values and enable you to make informed decisions. As per the finances, you can plan on purchasing new trailers, sell off old ones, or increase/decrease fleet size. 

Using Fleet Management Software For Your Business


A fleet management software will help you to track multiple data points that you otherwise would have to manually keep for all your trailers. The software eliminates room for human error and helps you to improve the overall performance of operations. For example, it can help you to customize routes so that the travel time for your trailers and the mileage is optimized. The laws that need to be abided by can be followed with more precision. This means that you can calculate the taxes you need to pay more accurately and lessen the chances of an audit fine. 

Another vital aspect for trailer fleet business owners is record keeping. By automating the system, you can monitor the hours of service every driver gives. You can make sure that they do not exceed the maximum driving limits required. Any kind of maintenance or repair that is overlooked can cost your business a lot of money. It will not only affect your customer’s satisfaction but it can also bring in medical expenses in case of an accident. Software meant for fleet management can help the maintenance teams to fix any problems in time and avoid breakdowns. 

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