Consideration of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

It is possible that when hearing the concept artificial intelligence (AI), images of robots behaving like humans come to mind. Although we are quite far from that scenario, the truth is that more and more companies rely on this technology to perform certain tasks. Before deciding whether or not it is convenient to integrate it into your organization, we must first analyze what we mean.

What is artificial intelligence?

A simple way to define what artificial intelligence is could be: “a specialty of computing focused on the development of intelligent equipment capable of learning autonomously”. That is, they are systems that perform specific human tasks and mimic cognitive functions such as learning or reasoning.

Although it seems like a concept taken from science fiction, the truth is that it has been used for quite some time. For example, Alan Turing, one of the forerunners of modern computing, first used it in an article published in 1950.

Types of artificial intelligence in business

It is important to distinguish between the general concept of AI and intelligent systems that can be effectively integrated into an app development company:

  • Applied artificial intelligence. This variant, the most common, focuses on performing a single task. Some practical applications would be controlling access, driving a car or sending automatic messages.
  • Generalized artificial intelligence. In this case, the devices are in charge of finding solutions to unknown problems and, in theory, they can perform any kind of task. It is in very early stages of development. In the business world, we find applications such as automation, personalized recommendations or language processing.

Advantages of integrating artificial intelligence in your company

As we can see, incorporating an AI can bring many benefits at various levels. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Automate processes. Repetitive tasks, such as generating time control reports, are performed and optimized without human intervention. Thus, resources are saved, revenue increases, and sales opportunities are maximized.
  • Enhance creativity. If AI does routine work, more time can be spent on creative tasks thereby increasing productivity.
  • Reduce human errors. The problems and risks associated with human error are minimized while precision is increased.
  • Improve decision making. Information is analyzed much faster and in a structured way, making decisions more agile and efficient.
  • Increase productivity and quality. By handling a large amount of data, both machines and employees increase their performance.

Previous considerations about the use of an AI in your company

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence offers a multitude of benefits to practically all sectors, as long as it is properly applied to specific business dynamics. Therefore, it is advisable to weigh some additional aspects:

  • Information availability. Without consistent and quality data, artificial intelligence cannot deliver value. Therefore, it is necessary to follow an organized extraction strategy from the beginning.
  • Presence of qualified personnel. It is necessary to incorporate profiles with qualities and experience in this type of implementation.
  • Cost and time. Assessing how, when and with whom the AI systems will be integrated will ensure the profitability of the project.

The potential of AI for all departments of a company is undeniable. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we think that it is a great development opportunity that requires learning and investing time in its implementation, but that can change the direction of the company. Therefore, we encourage you to investigate more in depth all its possibilities.

How will mobile intelligence affect businesses?

eBay, Amazon and other giants in the retail industry have already demonstrated the success of mobile applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence. With advancements in technology and consumer demands, AI mobile app development is the next big thing for businesses.

The tech giants that are already integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms into their products attract their users strategically. This ultimately helps companies interact and engage their users deeply, as is the case with Amazon’s priority delivery services.

In addition, many of the applications and devices that exist today will be rewritten with these AI algorithms, in order to adjust their strategy according to the behaviors observed in users. In addition, companies will be able to use the data that applications are collecting through online traffic, POS (Point of Sales) machines and many more.

However, what makes mobile a perfect platform for the application of Artificial Intelligence are the different ranges of customization capabilities. Smartphones are aware of the location of users, so the integration of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications will be more personalized and relevant. These technologies can also be applied to learn the behavior of users, so that each session started in the application is more valuable than the previous one. This will assist in increasing the overall proportion of user retention, which is and has been one of the great challenges of the industry.

New opportunities for the development of applications with Artificial Intelligence

The development and growth of Artificial Intelligence is already driving a new era, full of great and multiple possibilities in the development of mobile applications. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has been a great influence on the development of the application for many years now.Startups and tech giants have hired Artificial Intelligence developers to offer an intuitive experience to users. Now, with the new availability and the great advances in Artificial Intelligence, they have caused a revolutionary change in the retail industry, in developers and in companies, to connect users and brands in a way never seen before.

In short, with the application of Artificial Intelligence, it will be very easy to analyze user trends. And, such smart applications can know what users prefer based on their dynamic needs. What this means is, that Artificial Intelligence applications developed from now on will be the threshold of enterprise applications for the next great revolution in the business world.

At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we are eager to sit down with you and talk about how we can improve your existing applications and integrate them with new advances in Artificial Intelligence, to make them grow and consolidate in a market that is increasingly immersed in new technological trends.

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