Why Startups Should Prefer Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Introduction to Laravel Framework

Currently, Laravel is one of the most used PHP web development frameworks which is gaining immense popularity and attention from the developers. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework introduced to develop amazing web applications according to your business requirements consisting of all the features and functionalities such as internal messages, user registration and authentication, specific profiles, and much more.


The Laravel web framework is specifically created to support web development using web resources, tools, services, and web APIs for diverse purposes. It is an MVC-based web framework that is capable of delivering solutions accurately and quickly. Its elegant and expressive syntax allows you to speed up the development process and makes the framework stand apart. Now you all know what Laravel is, but do you know why you should use Laravel and why startups choose Laravel for web development? So, let’s dive in and discuss the reasons why it makes the correct choice for developing web apps.

Why use Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source and highly used modern web application framework that allows developers to build customized web apps quickly and easily. Developers prefer to use Laravel because of its unique architecture to create their own infrastructure that is specially designed for their application.

Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is one of the most used and popular frameworks that score better because of its modern and advanced features and functionalities to develop a perfect website hassle-free and easy. Also, it is very fluent, easy to learn, and user-friendly to understand.

According to research, the popularity of Laravel will increase by the end of 2021 than any other web development platform because of its immensely dominating agile methodology in business development. Laravel comes up with some in-built features such as pre-defined templates that allow developers to write codes without restrictions and write their own PHP codes. So, developers prefer to use Laravel which is going to be great in the coming years.

Why Should Startups Consider Laravel development For Creating Web Apps?

Libraries and Configuration

Laravel provides a built-in project infrastructure and also supports a multitude of development environments. It assigns itself on the basis of the development platform where the application is launched because the authorization libraries and configuration are integrated into the platform which does not exist in other PHP frameworks. It is packed with numerous built-in object-oriented libraries with excellent features which can be accessed by the developers to develop applications in a short time.

Artisan CLI

Artisan command-line interface in Laravel can incorporate multiple components from the Symfony web development framework that allow developers to use advanced features and functionalities for a faster development process. Artisan in Laravel offers a number of useful commands to use while creating your application that is driven by the power console component and tools.

Constant Updates

Laravel framework is one of the best platforms for web development because it is constantly updated with new and advanced functionalities which are useful for making the development process easier and faster. With every update, the Laravel framework comes up with innovations and dynamic features. So many web developers are switching to Laravel for various startups of multiple sectors.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel framework follows the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for the development of web applications. More than 70% of web platforms lack in the context as they fail to support the MVC architecture, but Laravel emerges as the winner. Following the MVC architecture helps to improve the overall website performance, renders detailed documentation, and provides various attractive features for startup businesses.

High Security

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Laravel is its Security. Whether your business is small or large, startup or established, security is the main concern for businesses of every type. Laravel is an open-source and secure web development framework with high-end security parameters that you’ll not get in any other PHP framework. Laravel, with its excellent security cover, offers out-of-the-box security against activities like SQL injection and cross-site request forgery requests.

Strong Community Support

Are you planning to choose Laravel for your next software project but wondering why use Laravel compared to other similar platforms? If so, then choosing Laravel is a great choice for web development because of its strong community support of experts and professionals backing it up. Even if you are a Laravel developer, you may sometimes get stuck in different problems related to web development, so at that time the assistance from the community can help you to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Less time Consuming

With the Laravel web development framework, you can create amazing web apps by investing less time and effort because of its excellent and top-notch features. There are no complex codes to work with and the development process also becomes easier and simple. You can develop a Laravel application in just a few minutes by using the rights tools, resources, and excellent ideas. An app built with Laravel can reach a maximum audience and gain effective traffic on your site that would impact the web software world with its benefits and advantages.

Unit testing

With the Laravel web application framework, you’ll get the benefit of Unit Testing as well which makes the development process easier to test and also increases the deployment of an excellent product. Besides, several other tests are performed to eliminate unexpected breakdowns on the project occurring at any point in time.

Top 5 Websites Developed Using Laravel

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laravel tricks



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laravel snippets


laravel io

Final Note: Why PHP Developers Choose to use Laravel Development Services?

Whether you are a startup or well-established organization, Laravel goes well with complicated web applications that users demand. It offers facilities such as user authorization system, system integration, MVC development approach, and features like modules to deliver the startup app for the future.

Are you planning to develop an excellent and out-of-the-box web application build using Laravel development services? If so, then get in touch with the best Laravel development company that offers dedicated developers and start your project today!



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