Ideas to recycle tapestry

If you have useless tapestries which you are sure about that you would never use them again, and you are willing to throw them. Stop! You can reuse them with just a pinch of creativity. All you need is a creative and healthy mind to reuse them. These old unused tapestries can be turned into many beautiful and worthy things which would help you in many ways. People nowadays don’t believe in recycling that much so if you are one of them then you can buy the tapestry and other wall hangings in really good quality from Fine Art America.

Turn a tapestry into a rug:

Old tapestries that are made up of wool are best for converting to a rug. Rugs are usually thick and so tapestries. These rugs and mats can be used in front of every room and main entrance. It would help you more at the main entrance because they usually consume more dust and dirt. Since tapestries are easy to wash, that’s why it would be easy to wash a dirty tapestry from the entrance. An elegant tapestry turned into a rug can also be used in professional space and in your room to enhance its decency. This will also save your money which you were going to spent to buy new expensive rugs.

Make a bag out of tapestry:

An old un-fashioned tapestry can be utilized as a bag. This kind of bag can be used while shopping or for carrying things for a picnic. These bags can be easily made, you just have to sew the two handles with its body; fix a zipper in it so it never opens unwantedly.

Nowadays the world is facing pollution issues and we are the reason behind it, so we should try to control this problem wherever we can. Therefore, we recommend you to use this kind of bag so that this may become a reason to lower the plastic pollution level.

Cushion covers:

Cushion covers are used to save the cushion from dirt. They help us to increase the beauty of the whole cushion and sofa set’s beauty. Old tapestries having symmetric designs can be used as cushion covers. All you have to sew it like a square shape bag just leave one side open to fit a cushion inside it. Pillows for your bed with an ancient designed tapestry can also be made. You can use those kinds of pillows as sleeping pillows with whom you would love to sleep.

Make your special area out of old tapestry:

There are many large-sized tapestries which were once used by you. You can turn that useless stuff into a useful one. If you are an introvert and love to live in your space which is a decent one, then you can use old tapestries as sofa throws, and those sofas can be surrounded by some large-sized tapestries, which will give it a look as your private place even in a hall!

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