Fun Photo Ideas That Can be Used in Creating Wedding Slideshow

Weddings are pristine and give a bag full of memories for a lifetime. However, it is the little details that add a spark to the whole theme. To celebrate the moments and the union of the couple, wedding slideshows are a great way to add a personalized touch. The slideshows should reflect moments, memories and celebrate the togetherness of the couple.

The slideshow designers take a huge sum of money for creating a professional slideshow. However, with creative and unique templates available online, it can be easily created as a surprise. They represent celebration and stitch together memories from the beginning to the end.

Want to create a slideshow and surprise someone? Sites like InVideo have versatile invitation creator and slideshow templates for weddings that can be customized and used. Make sure to add photos that add meaning, maybe some treasured moments and music to add a soul to the slideshow. Here are some photo ideas that can be included in the wedding slideshow –

Hilarious Photos from Childhood

Funny and rather embarrassing photos from childhood crack everyone. As one grows, they go through a transformation, but a pop up of childhood pictures showcases one through their growing up years. The childhood pictures of both groom and the bride is an impressive way to show how each grew up. To top up the fun, add funny captions that define that moment.

The embarrassing photos from childhood are fun to watch as the slide plays.

Picture from the first date

First dates are incredibly memorable, and a wedding slideshow without that is incomplete. With the use of a creative slideshow creator, pictures from the first date along with the place and time can be mentioned. This is a perfect reminder of how far the couple have come in their journey of love.

The first date photos reflect a whirlpool of emotions and how love has blossomed from the beginning to the wedding day. This is also a great way to go back into the memory lane and show guests the story of the couple.

Family and Friends

The family and friends of the bride and groom play a pivotal role in their life. A wedding slideshow must include photos of family and close friends. This is a beautiful reminder of how the people closest to you have always been there, through thick and thin. A photo of parents of the bride and groom, grandparents and siblings are a great idea.

The people close to you always support you and are an integral part of the conjugal ceremony. The photo with friends is a reminder of how they have been your support system. If you have pictures of mutual friends, make sure to use those photos.

Photos from the Engagement

A lot of couples have beautiful engagement photoshoots. Using these in the wedding slideshow is a great way to walk down the memory lane. Photos like flaunting the engagement ring or raw emotions when proposed to marry bring back beautiful memories. This is important as it tracks back the journey from where the wedding planning started.

There are romantic templates available on sites like InVideo where engagement photos can be inserted. Make sure to add beautiful romantic quotes as well. A little love and romance is the need of the hour.

Travel Pictures

Many couples travel together, and it is a journey of transformation and growth. If there are some crazy travel and adventure pictures, add them to the slide to give the cool factor. Every travel photo has a story behind it. Add a description about the photo and where it was taken.

It is better to add pictures which bring out raw emotions rather than carefully planned pictures. A photo of the first trip together or first hiking together is a great way to bring back memories.

Candid Crazy Pictures

Be it an invitation or a wedding slideshow; it is incomplete without some candid pictures. The candid photos bring out the real emotions of the couple during the moment it was clicked. The staged photos look a little off the place in the slideshow.

Candid pictures are great to warm up to the guests. This also brings out the true nature of the bride and groom. The crazier the candid pictures are, the better it is to show the guests. The goofy and peppy pictures show a real bond and connection between the couple.

Pictures with Pets

Many couples have pets, and they are like family. If a couple has pets, it would be excellent to use those pictures of their pets in the slideshow. Maybe playing with the pets or simply holding them is a great way to show affection.

The pets are an integral part of a wedding and are like children. The pictures show a connection between the pet and its owners. Like family and friends, the pets do deserve their place in the slideshow.

Picture of Following a Hobby Together

Many couples share hobbies, or they like to pursue something together. Be it gardening or cooking together or painting, it shows a strong bond between them. Including such pictures adds a unique vibe to the slideshow.

This can be added with a caption of the activities like “Cooking together first time” or “Let us paint together”. This brings out and shows a bond between the couple. Apart from that, pictures of doing random things together can also be used.

The wedding slideshow brews a lot of emotions together. They collectively walk the guest through the life of the bride and groom on their special day. These are just some ideas on what photos can be used. These are not so expensive as well. Apart from that, even videos or little quotes or vows can be added to the slides. Want to give the couple something heartwarming? This is the best way to make their day special.

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