How To Spot Fake Designer Bags?

With only a glance, can you recognise a fake Birkin? When you buy a premium item, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton all stand by their goods. They are investment items, yet their value has skyrocketed. 

You’re not investing in anything when you buy a knockoff. You can’t resale it, and you’re out of luck if it starts to wear out or come apart. Counterfeit industry is worth $600 billion and it is important to spot fake designer bags to not waste any money. 

We’ll show you side-by-side comparisons of legitimate and counterfeit bags from significant names, showing you the tiniest discrepancies that can determine whether or not they’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars on a consignment bag. Take a look at these suggestions below— 

Identification and difference

We’ll show you how to tell if your new designer buy is real or fake. Before you buy, make sure to pay attention to the following, requesting specific images or inspecting these aspects of the goods in person (if feasible) or confirming it fits the bill once it arrives.  

  • Examine the bag’s material quality

It is the first when it comes to fake handbags. If the item is supposed to be leather, it should have a leather feel and scent.

  • Examine the hardware in detail

It should not chip and should feel solid rather than hollow. If the item is supposed to be leather, it should have a leather feel and scent. It should not chip and should feel solid rather than hollow.

  • Another place to pay close attention to is the stitch work

Poor craftsmanship here is typically a dead giveaway. Stitching that is uneven, sloping, or back-and-forth is a symptom of a badly manufactured object.

  • Location and number of bags  

Notice the place or location where the sellers are selling the bags. If the bags are of the high brand, they are not sold on the footpaths and street roadside. The people who prefer only temporary bags tend to buy such bags. 

  • For counterfeiters, the logo is another accessible target

 It’s all about the details here, so make sure you’re familiar with the company logo’s quirks.

  • Examine the pockets

Does the bag you’re considering have the requisite amount of pockets in the appropriate locations for that model?

  • Finally, look for any anomalies on the inner label

Is the logo centred, and should a hologram or serial number be included? Is there a serial number, and if so, is it in the correct order? The best thing to do is to compare it to one that you know is genuine.

You become familiar with the material’s softness, style, and stitching. This is how to spot a fake designer bag.

Features to notice in fake designer bags

Anyone can copy the original material but not to the fullest. Fake manufacturers do not have the final finishing material. Furthermore, if a fake is good, it can be difficult for even the corporation to tell it apart from the actual thing, albeit they have both covert and overt methods. 

The number of stitches per inch in a seam, for example, may be a trade secret, but with serial numbers on things like Coach bags, they can readily identify if it’s genuine.

The authentic handbags have the complete finest finishing with perfect quality. You can notice the defects in fake handbags. 

  1. Lining and stitching method – You can identify the fake handbag through the stitching method. The original purse contains fine stitching around the entire bag. You will find the workmanship style of stitching on fake bags. Some minor tearing defects in the bag are stuck with the glue. You have to observe everything closely while purchasing the bag. 
  1. Material or fabric quality – The original brand manufacturers always use excellent material quality. Fake bag manufacturers are not professional and do not have the same quality. They replace the fabric with similar-looking fabric. You can easily spot the fakeness by touching the handbag. The originals have consideration of soft leather handbags. You can take it out for daily use as they have good quality fabric material. 
  1. Labels – Check the authenticity of the labels and their correctness level. They are not accurate and precise. You can notice every detail mentioned over it, and you will spot the fake bags. The authentic brands contain some secretive code or sign at a particular place. This information will get missed by fake manufacturers.
  1. Identify with logos – It is the best way to spot the fake bag in the market. You will find that the original logos have a precise and fine cutting from the corner. They use some heavy material to make their brand remarkable. The fake bags make it from plastic or other low quality. You will not find any proficiency in the fake bags. They often misspell the brand name and confuse the customers. If you know the brand logos and their print, it is not easy to fool you. 
  1. Advertisement documents or warranty cards – The original brands do the paperwork accurately with address, location, and mobile number for customer’s revisit. Fake bag manufacturers never invest their money in documents. It is not their brand to promote. They usually say that they will mail all the warranty cards, and you can claim them online. 

You will find the initial tear or damage and packing is also of cheap quality. The brands provide you with their name printed on the carry bag. Product quality can be determined from their upper look and packing pattern. 

The necessity to know about the brand details

If you don’t want to avoid making this mistake of buying fake handbags, it is important to know these things on spotting fake bags. 

When it comes to different types of bags, some are popular because of their durability and some due to their design and trend. People love crossbody bags, novelty bags and  black leather crossbody bags are quite famous, and it is easy to copy them. Analyse and observe all the factors of fake handbags and then purchase. 

The best thing about these bags is their durability. You have to invest in it once, and then you can use it for a long time. The fake bags can tear and fall apart with five times of maximum usage. 

Women are in search of a purse that is satisfactory and suitable for all needs. Women’s leather coin purses are quite beautiful, and fake designers are in search of their prey. 

You can spot the fake bags with perfect observing and keen factors. All types of people are available in the market, and you should have knowledge and awareness about specific products. 

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