Types Of Vest Every Man Should Know

A lot of people don’t know there are three different concealed carry vests – the active shooter, tactical and patrol vests. Not only do these options have distinct features, but they’re also used in different environments as well. This blog post will focus on explaining the differences between these 3 types of vests so you can choose the right one. You can also head over to leatherstand.com/pages/mens-vests to see some examples.

The Active Shooter Vest

The active shooter is the most popular type of vest in the market right now. That’s because this vest allows the user to have freedom of movement, so they can do things like running, bending over or sitting down with no issues. It also doesn’t restrict your breathing when engaged in physical activity or while you’re trying to get into a tactical position which is why it’s the preferred type of vest for active shooter situations.

An issue with this type of conceal carry vest is that you can’t wear body armor or anything else while wearing one because they’re worn under your normal clothes. This means you’ll have to place your extra mags in your back pocket because you can’t put them on your belt.

The Tactical Shooter Vest

The tactical shooter vest is also a popular choice for carrying firearms. It’s made with lots of pockets and pouches on the inside to allow you to carry more ammo, magazines or any other equipment that may be needed in an active shooter situation. Some people will wear this concealed carry vest over their body armor so they can have access to all their equipment.

One disadvantage to this type of vest is that it can restrict your breathing more than the active shooter vest because it’s worn over clothes rather than under them.

The Patrol Vest

This is the most popular concealed carry vest with law enforcement personnel because it allows officers to have access to all of their gear, including body armor and any other equipment they may need while on duty. It also has a lot of different compartments for items like handcuffs and batons, so there’s no need to carry them in your pocket.

However, patrol vests are not as maneuverable or comfortable as the other two, and can restrict breathing more than a tactical one. You’ll also need to wear this type of conceal carry vest under clothes which means you have nothing on you when not wearing it.

What Can You Carry In A Vest?

The active shooter vest is typically used for carrying a firearm and extra ammo, making it easily accessible during an emergency. This type of conceal carry vest also has pouches for tools like handcuffs or batons.

The tactical shooter vest is designed to hold a lot of equipment like ammo, magazines, and other tools for safety purposes. So, this can be a good choice if you’re looking to carry more than just your firearm.

The patrol vest has many pockets where items such as handcuffs or batons can be stored but it’s not as maneuverable or comfortable as the other two types.

Which Vest Is Best For Summer?

The active shooter vest is your best choice for the summer because it provides ventilation and allows for freedom of movement. It’s also a top choice when it’s hot outside because it doesn’t restrict breathing. You will also have easy access to your firearm and any other equipment you may need, which is why it’s a top choice for active shooter situations.

However, the tactical vest can also work well during the summer because it allows people to wear body armor without having an issue with ventilation. But, it’s not the most comfortable or maneuverable vest, especially when it’s hot outside. Still, this concealed carry vest allows people to move in different directions, even if they’re wearing the tactical shooter under clothes.

The patrol vest may not be your best choice for summer because it can restrict breathing and is generally not as maneuverable or comfortable as an active shooter vest. The design of this vest also doesn’t allow for a lot of ventilation, so it’s not ideal for active shooter situations during the summer.

The tactical and patrol vests may work during the summer but they won’t provide you with all the benefits that come with wearing an active shooter concealed carry vest which is why I’d recommend using one of those instead.

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