Five Key Factors to Look for When Buying a Fountain Pump Online

A fountain pump is a machine that works to increase the overall mechanical energy of a liquid in water. In the present world, water pumps are essential as they help move both cold and hot water in a compact system. Some of the places that you are most likely to come across a water pump include schools, hospitals, households and most commercial outlets. When buying a fountain pond pump online, however, it is essential to consider some factors.

fountain pump

Pumps are very crucial devices that move cold and hot fluids in a compact system and are the cornerstone of modern society. Their speciality lies on the techniques of transferring liquids or slurries, which flow through them smoothly from lower level to higher level. Over the last few years, pumps have integrated themselves as the staple devices of colleges, hospitals, households, commercial complexes. Today, you can come across a pump installed for a plethora of purposes such as gasoline supply, water supply, chemical movement, marine service, flood control in rural as well as urban areas. Despite such widespread usage, people still get stuck on closing on the requisite pump for themselves. Following are the factors you should keep in mind when buying a fountain pump online: 

Check the rate of water flow:

The fountain water flow rate of a pump is measured in litres per minute. While buying a fountain pond pump online, one of the most vital factors to keep in mind is that what time will the water tank be full. Ideally, for a house, 100-200 litres per minute are more than enough power required for a pump. So if you have a 500-1000 litres water tank in your office or house, this pump can fill it up in about 10 minutes, depending on the type of pump you choose for. 

Flow rate is generally the effectiveness of the water pump. It refers to the time taken by the water pump to pump a specific amount of water mostly measured in litres per minute. If you buy the water pump for job sites or farms, you should buy one that has the ability to pump over 2500 litres of water per minute. On the other side, a pump with a flow rate of between 200 – 250 litres per minute is good for any home use.

Check the size of the inlet:

This important factor is directly related to the time it will take to fill up your tank. Typical a pump has an inlet size which varies from 1” – 5”. All centrifugal pumps work on this same principle. It sucks in water through the inlet valve and releases it from the discharge valve. The bigger the size of the inlet, the quicker the pump will transfer the water through it. For heavy commercial use, the inlet size can be increased as per the requirement.

Maximum head and pressure:

The maximum head of the pump is a measure of the height up to which water can be displaced at the output end. Beyond the particular maximum head, the flow rate reduces to zero. Typically, the maximum head should be chosen such that it is greater than the height of liquid to be displaced at the output end. In the form of an example, if you want to displace 40 metres of liquid at the output end, your pump should have a maximum head of 50 metres or greater.

And if you buy a pond pump with a maximum head of 60 meters, and you deploy it to pump water to levels more than 60 meters, then the flow rate will be reduced to zero. What could be a particular solution for that? While buying a fountain pump, do make sure that the maximum head should be a bit higher than the specified height you intend to pump the water. 

Liquid to be dispatched:

This is another crucial factor that will help you decide what type of pump to choose. There are lots of pumps that can only displace a particular type of liquid, say, water. Some reliable manufacturer will design pumps suitable for the industrial sector. Similarly, there are also manufacturers for residential pumps. Depending upon your needs, you need to visit different pump manufacturers to get the best one. Also, buy the pump from only that manufacturer who has a good reputation for quality and guarantees to help you with repairing it. 

Check the performance chart of the Pump:

A Fountain pump that comes with a performance chart represents the efficiency of the pump considering the change in performance and pressure changes with relation to the different heights fountain achieves. So, depending on your pond’s volume and in accordance with the head rating and GPH coupled with the performance chart you will be able to come to a decision about which pump fits the need most effectively for you. 

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