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Let’s just face it, water fountains are cool, fun, and relaxing. With beautiful fountain outside your home or office, you can add more beauty to your space which will be a joy to look at. Whether it is a showy spray of a waterfall or a calming bubble of the water fountain, a fountain can definitely add a special touch to your lawn or garden area. The area features water can make the creased garden look spacious and rich. Not only this, a fountain at the side of your pool or pond has sound reduction benefits, that means, if you live on a busy street, adding a fountain will be a stress-reliever and a smart way to get rid of the outside noise pollution.

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Of course, water fountains have their drawbacks too, but only when you have a disturbing and low-quality fountain pump. Running a bad fountain pump throughout the day adds to your carbon footprint as well as increases the usage of electricity that adds more amount to your monthly bill. But not all pumps can give you a hard run. If you are wondering to order fountain pumps that can help you give noise-free and cost-effective service, then there are a lot of companies that can provide you an ideal deal.

What is a fountain pump?

The fountain pumps are designed to supply the water flow to the devices and fountains that are used for artistic purposes in commercial, industrial and residential applications. It may be configured to use outdoor as well as indoor and are available in different sizes, depending upon the size of the pond or pool, and whether the application is functional or decorative. To create a special landscape or garden features, such as waterfalls, one can order fountain pumps, which is a must to provide error-free and undisturbed functioning. Also, several fountain tubing adaptors include a variety of tubing sizes which will help you get the most fountain or pond push for the lowest energy consumption.

Types of fountain pumps

The types of water fountain pumps can be classified into several factors such as application, operating method, and whether the pump is submersible or external.


Based on the application, this includes two types – industrial and commercial.

Industrial – They are mainly used to aerate waste water that is produced from the processes of manufacturing to treat water or sewage for municipal use. To reduce the buildup of mosquitoes’ population or algae, these pumps are used to circulate the stagnant water. If compared to the consumer versions, they are more rugged and are designed to provide higher flow rates.

Commercial – These fountains are used for decoration purposes that come in a variety of configurations that includes outdoor and indoor pumps. They are used in garden fountains or tabletop where the machinery of the fountain is contained. Outdoor pumps can substantially pump more water and are used with outdoor fountain fixtures as well as with ponds and pools for affection. While indoor pumps are used for decorative devices and have low water flow rates.

Define submersible and external pump

Submersible pumps contain the pump motors sealed in the body of the pump that allows the system to be submerged within the source of water. Easier to install, these pumps are considered to be less expensive.

To install, external pumps require an involved setup and are more efficient. This provides lower operating costs for turning reservoirs and turning larger ponds. These pumps are better suited to handle the pressure that comes with the use of an external filter. Easier to repair and clean, they typically last longer.

The right size

Getting a pump for your water fountain can be extremely overwhelming, and getting the right size that suits the fixture of your fountain can make you happy. People have a lot of queries regarding the right fountain model and size. When choosing a right size of fountain pump, one needs to look at many factors that are critical for proper functioning. It is very important to know whether you require a pump for short fountains or you need pumps for the fountains in your garden area. You can use a flow valve if using PVC tubing if you want to control the water flow more dramatically. When looking for the specifications, one must see the abbreviations that stand for ‘gallons per hour’. It determines the flow rate of the fountain. For instance, for a water bell fountain which is a small one, you will need a pump that can push 50-100 gallons per hour.


If you are considering buying a fountain pump or make a change to your old pump, then you should get yourself properly informed about the fountain pumps that are available in the market. No matter how good the device is, proper information will always influence your decision.

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