Six Tips to Buy Water Fountains for Your Garden

Water fountains are one of the great ways to enhance the view of your outdoor area and make it look appealing. If you’ve been thinking about the missing element in your garden and still not able to find any, then make yourself aware that it’s a fountain. A fountain can instantly accentuate any boring place and add aesthetic beauty to the entire garden. There are various colors, styles, price points, and materials available in the market that you can choose from. Unfortunately, as there is a wide range of fountains available, so it might be hard for you to choose the ideal one. But if you don’t choose the ideal fountain for your garden, it will ruin the entire beauty of the place. So, let’s take a look at the things that you need to consider prior to choosing a fountain for your garden. 

Six Tips to Buy Water Fountains for Your Garden 1
  • Understand The Anatomy

There are five things that fall into place when it comes to the fountain’s anatomy. You can yield the utmost advantages of a fountain after understanding the anatomy. These are water distribution, tiers, water tubing, water reservoir, color, or finish of the fountain. Also you should have the proper understanding of the water aeration process so that the water body keeps healthy.

The water distributes the channel from where the water is being released evenly down the fountain. The tiers are different levels of water that pass through. Water tubing is the part that connects the pump to the distribution channel. The reservoir is the place where the water is being stored. So, you should have clear anatomy in the head when you’re choosing the fountain for your pond. Else, you won’t be able to find the ideal one. 

  • Fountain Placement

Considering the fountain placement is equally important as choosing the fountain. It’s because the high visibility allows you to enjoy the beauty while the low visibility seems a good fit for indoor fountains. If you have children at home, then people consider high visibility as it prevents people from playing in the fountain. Also, make sure the water source is nearby so that the reservoir can be easily refilled when it evaporates. There are other important things to consider if you buy kasco fountains including the focal point so that the fountain will never be overshadowed by any object. These things need to be taken into consideration when placing the fountain. 

  • Choose The Fountain Style

There are various types of fountains available in the market, including the tiered, wall, solar, poor surround, pedestal, animals, people, sphere, waterfalls, bowl, disappearing, etc. It might be confusing at first seeing too many types of fountains. However, if you’re ordering it for your garden, naturally, people prefer the pool to surround fountains where you can have aquatic life in the surrounding areas. So, if you want to have aquatic lives in your fountain, this would be an ideal choice to have. 

  • Material Types

The material types are of eight types including the cast stone, copper, GFRC, fiberglass, bamboo, stainless steel, granite, and resin. It solely depends on people’s own preferences. The cast stones offer a range of durability. The copper provides both elegance and versatility. The glass fiber reinforced concrete fountains are known for their high-strength glass finish. These materials also provide durability if manufactured properly.

Then there are polystone fountains that offer a concrete look to your fountain. Like this, there are benefits of each of the fountain types. However, you should always opt for the one that is durable and provides an elegant finish. So it will be easier to maintain as fountains easily develop algae on its body if not maintained properly. 

  • Easy Maintenance

It’s extremely important to consider the fountain’s maintenance when buying them. Otherwise, you may have to spend your entire day cleaning the fountain on a frequent basis. So, make sure you read the maintenance instruction properly to understand how often the maintenance is required. Also, consider the water levels to be maintained. Otherwise, when the fountain will run out of the water, it will damage the fountain pump. Regular usage of water treatment also prevents the white scale from building up. So, you can clean it after a certain time so that the fountain doesn’t collect the dust, dirt over time. 

  • Consider the Fountain’s Weight

Weight is also an important factor to check when buying a fountain for your garden. If you’re placing it in your garden, you should always check the weight prior to buying as you should be able to move the fountain whenever it’s needed. If you end up buying an overweight fountain, it will not be easily moveable. So, make sure you consider the fountain’s weight prior to choosing one. It will help you to have the ideal pond fountain for your garden. Sometimes the splash of the fountain also depends on the location you place it. So, this is an important factor you should take into consideration. 

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