5 Safety Ideas to Hold an Event Amid Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us sacrifice, patience, and resilience. Amidst all these changes is the need to keep your New Year resolutions including holding your event. You need industry professionals to recognize the looming danger by adjusting the way to do things today. Coronavirus is changing the way to do business. Here are ideas on how to hold an event without exposing your staff and attendees to the virus.

hold an event amid covid-19

Mind choice of venue

Health and safety are paramount when holding an event amid COVID-19. This is a big consideration from the planning stage to closing the event. An important aspect is the choice of venue. During the pandemic, social distancing is emphasized with everyone keeping a distance of about 6 feet away from another. If possible limit the number of attendees to only essential ones. Equally important is to consider square footage for each person to maintain social distance.

Book a venue with enough space that won’t encourage physical contact and with more washrooms. The location of the venue also matters. Book a venue in proximity to your guests where possible. For a corporate event, opt for a venue nearest to your office. This limits the use of public transport on the way to your event where there is the possibility of someone picking up the virus. Alternatively, offer transport or shuttle for your guests to your event. This gives you control of ensuring safety precautions during transit.

Enforce sanitizing

Event venues have washrooms for the crew and guests to clean up. However, it is very important to consider sanitation during this trying moment. A good start is to have more sanitation and hand wash stations at your event. Additionally, get extra crew from an event agency in Dubai (http://uaestaff.com/) sanitize décor, furniture, assets, and event space throughout the day. You should also have a team to offer hand sanitizer to all guests on arrival at your event.

You can step safety measures further by lowering the temperature at the venue. This keeps attendees cooler and comfortable without the risk of bacteria growing. Equally important is to avoid no handshakes throughout the venue. You can make this fun by creating a custom greeting gesture that your extra staff can teach every guest on arrival. Verbal communication has a similar effect as a human touch while keeping everyone safe.

Find new ways to give samples

Offering samples is a great way to connect with consumers at your event. However, you have to be mindful of how you give out the samples with the looming coronavirus pandemic. This requires taking extra precautions that ensure that you give out samples safely. Consider giving out pre-packaged samples instead of offering open ones.

Additionally, have clear acrylic displays to showcase your products for attendees to see without touching. This keeps everyone safe while giving a clear view of your offerings. The items should be cleaned and disinfected before the next day. Another way to give out samples is to allow consumers to take them home to test and review later.

Offer a wellness area

Give your event a holistic touch to keep everyone safe from coronavirus. Think of natural ways to keep guests happy and healthy. A good idea is a wellness area when hosting a multi-day event like a conference. This offers attendees always on the go a rest stop to sit and relax. Additionally, the wellness area is a good spot for people to sit down and ponder about your products or services.

The wellness spot should be comfortable with easily disinfectable furniture. Have a natural juice bar so guests can get a shot of energy to keep them going. For snacks and meals, opt for plant-based options. Your overall theme for the event should portray wellness with a physical activity class or mindfulness session. Having your guests in tune with their minds and body is beneficial for everyone.

Go virtual

The escalation of coronavirus makes hosting a live event too risky for your team and guests. You have to put this on hold until it is safe to congregate publicly again. In the meantime, you can hold virtual sessions or pre-programmed video content for your event. This is worthwhile if your keynote speakers have trouble traveling to your destination because of travel restrictions. Give your guests a new experience by making your event virtual through webinars and streamed presentations.

Some tips to a successful virtual event include:

  • Effective communication
  • Being honest with attendees
  • Keep attendees engaged
  • Use the right event solution
  • Include live and pre-recorded content

Wrapping up

Amid the self-isolation to curb the spread of coronavirus, the ideas above can help you hold a safe event for your staff and attendees. Having handy staff outsourced from a sourcing agency offers extra hands to take on safety measures like handing guests hand sanitizer to keep everyone safe.

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