Top Ideas to Plan a Successful Virtual Event for a Product Launch

Traditionally the biggest hurdle in planning product launches is finding a perfect venue. Many invitees cannot attend product launches due to travel-related problems, making the product launch less effective.

An excellent solution to overcome this problem is planning a virtual event for a product launch. Here are some top ideas for virtual events.

Choose a Great Theme

You need to choose a good theme that will bring all elements together to make the product launch successful. For example, if you launch a sports shoe at the start of the NBA season, you can choose an NBA-themed shoe launch.

You need to partner with the right influencers and guests for the product launch. Find people with good numbers of followers and invite them to join your virtual product launch in a mutual benefit partnership.

Before inviting influencers, research their social media accounts about their events and promotions and what kind of content they share online. Incorporate things they like in the presentation so that influencers will invite or encourage their millions of followers to join the virtual product launch.

Keep the Event Entertaining and Interactive

One of the great ideas for virtual events is to make them entertaining and interactive to keep the audience engaged. There are several ways/tools to find how the audience is engaging with the event.

Most virtual event platforms offer interactive tools to keep your audience engaged in several ways. For example, you can give gift items to attendees who post their views or comments with your company hashtag or product launch event hashtag during the event.

You can send the audience to breakout rooms or conduct online polls during the event to know the audience’s type of engagement with the event.

Schedule Your Product Launch Strategically

Your company functions in the real world, and you need to consider other events when planning your virtual product launch event. Make sure it does not clash with another significant event online or offline.

For example, if your company is launching a tech product, you should avoid choosing when technology majors like Google, Apple, and Intel organize their events. If you do not strategically schedule your virtual event, it is more likely to get overshadowed by a larger event.

You need to host a virtual product launch event at least two weeks before the product hits the market. It will give you enough time to create buzz and anticipation around the product and ensure it is well-received by the audience.

You can also allow customers to pre-order the product at the virtual product launch event to generate leads. After collecting the leads, your marketing team can start their drip campaigns to convert leads into customers.

Be Extra Active Before Virtual Event

Before planning and announcing a virtual product launch event, make sure you are more active on social media platforms. Before a product launch, you must be active in front of your target audience and engage them through meaningful conversations and information sharing.

You can run a social media event on a social media platform and encourage your followers to participate in the event using company hashtags. As a part of the referral contest, you can give our free tickets to social media audiences to attend the virtual event.

To sum up, these are some excellent ideas you can use to plan a successful virtual event for a product launch.

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