How to Successfully Engage Developers on Social Media

Social media is one of the widely used channels by developers. Social media platforms can be best used to engage developers. Here we shall discuss a few ways to engage the developers as developers frequently use social media. 

Engage Developers on Social Media

Consistent message:

           Your message on social media must be clear and specific. Online platforms like

anime websites are full of topics and posts. Your message or post must not mix with the diverse range of stories on social media. To reach the maximum audience, your message must be clearly defined, precise, and well-written. The quality of the right message is that it directly hits the intended audience. 


           There is a mess of content on social media on every topic. You cannot survive on social media by resharing the other’s content. For easiness, people reshare articles, posts, and blogs. If you want to engage the audience and developers, you have to create unique and targeted content. Create articles addressing the problems of the audience and suggesting ways to solve the issues. 


 You can reshare other’s content by giving your analysis and input over it as feedback. It will add to your credibility and maintain your individuality.

Sense of Humor:

 If you have a good sense of humor, you can use your wit to engage the audience. People use social media for entertainment, so use your humor while promoting a product or a brand. You can add funny images with the relevant content. 


 Research suggests that content with visuals gets more attention as compared to the post just having content. To create visuals and graphics which are engaging and fascinating. There are various ideas you can put into your image. Infographic is the way through which you can promote a brand or put some facts and figures on it.


           Videos are the best way to grab the attention of the audience on social media platforms. Create original and unique videos and post them on social media, specifically on Instagram, because unique content quickly hits the audience on Instagram. Research suggests that videos gain more attention on social media than infographics or content. It is recommended to use titles, keywords, and headings to rank high on social media.

Right timing:

           Right timing is crucial as quality content often does not get noticed because of the poor timing of the post. It is recommended to post your content when most of your followers are active on social media. Timings vary on different social media platforms, so identify the time zone and demographic of your audience and post the content when most people following you are online. Research suggests that user engagement is maximum on Twitter from 12 pm to 3 pm. While on Instagram, users are maximum between 8 am to 9 am. So schedule your posts to engage the maximum audience. 


           Hashtags play a vital role in making your post viral among the masses. A hashtag is like a keyword through which your post stands out among millions of other posts. It enables your post to reach the people who are not your followers, so it carries a wider audience across the board. Through hashtags, users can easily find the content. Maximum use of hashtags will make your post a trend on social media, eventually leading to maximum user engagement.

Live contest:

           To attract the audience o social media, you can arrange a live contest. It is observed that live streaming always brings more people to the post. 

Feature your customers:

           When you feature the customer’s posts on social media, it brings credibility to your product. People get a neutral response as the customer is an external party whose views use to be genuine. Also, customers feel appreciated as you give them a platform to express themselves and give their feedback. It is recommended to interact with customers and ask them to use hashtags relevant to your production of their posts.


           There are expert social media influencers. It is recommended to consult the influencers on social media, take them on board, and bring followers to your product. You can host the influencers on social media and feature their success story. For taking inspiration, many users will listen to them. In this way, you will get the maximum audience on your page.


           You can employ tried and tested techniques to engage the audience. Give attractive offers of discounts, coupons, memberships, free deliveries to the audience. Research on the types of offers and audience response on each offer. Pick the offer which is most readily picked up by the user.


 You can collaborate with renowned brands to grow your followers. If a famous brand is not feasible for you to collaborate with, it is recommended to collaborate with companies with a similar audience but sell different types of products. 


           You have to be active on social media to engage the audience. For this task, you can hire a social media manager as well. Build a relationship with your followers by frequently posting the content and get their feedback. 


 You can engage social media users through promotional ads, but it is an expensive method.

Question Answer Session:

           Arrange a question-answer session for the audience. It will give a better understanding of the audience about your product or brand. 

Guest post:

           You can post a blog on platforms of influencers to get maximum followers. This is called guest blogging. A guest blog is the best way to engage maximum users. Users get an in-depth guide of your product or brand through guest blogging.

Surveys and Polls:

 Surveys and polls are exciting ways to interact with the audience. Create a poll about your product or any other product which is widely famous in the market. You can readily get the customer’s feedback through surveys and polls.

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