Benefits of Businesses Partnering with Schools

International Schools in the Philippines are a very big deal in that many people search for these terms on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. This goes to show that many people are interested in schools, precisely because education is among the basic rights that are afforded to people, whether they are young or old. In short, everyone has the right to study and everyone is interested in learning.

There are many people in the world that are looking to study, either for their children or for themselves. This is in line with the fact that people are naturally curious creatures. People desire to learn about their surroundings, in themselves and they are interested in bettering themselves. Many people who took up a certain course during their younger years end up taking up a second one or even proceeding to higher education such as Engineering or Law. Such is the lasting appeal of education and by extension, reputable schools because the allure for learning is eternal. As long as people exist, a target market for schools will exist. It is a perpetual relationship that is universal.

Image Source: indy100.independent.co.uk

Image Source: indy100.independent.co.uk

The Internet Age
Compared to the previous decade, a significant number of businesses are now conducted over the internet. From shipping to online shopping, the internet has proven to be one of the greatest advertising spots in the world. Gone are the days of traditional marketing because the internet has proven that with less effort, reaching a significant number of potential customers is possible and easier than ever before.
People nowadays spend a significant portion of their time answering emails at work or browsing the internet with their phones. What that means is that at least 70% of the time, the majority of people are connected to the internet whether for business or for pleasure.

With that in mind, having an almost unlimited target market as well as the benefits of the internet, it can only make sense of a business to partner up with a reputable establishment like a School.

Image Source: www.linkedin.com

Image Source: www.linkedin.com

Business and Learning

Partnering up a business that is appropriate for students is definitely the next big thing. In the Philippines, a certain reputable video game studio opened up shop alongside a reputable university. They now offer video game related courses to aspiring video game developers or for people who desire to work in that industry. This is a wise move because not only do they create the workforce that the video game industry needs, they also boost their brand’s image by partnering up with a reputable university therefore allowing more people to know about them, even those who aren’t well-versed with video games in the first place.

Here are some more of the possible benefits of a business partnering up with a school:

    1. Brand Recall – Partnering up with a school is definitely a good thing for brand recall. Schools house the most diverse market in the world, with both parents and students paying attention to what the school is doing and who they do it with. Partnering with a school opens more possibilities in terms of broadening a business’s target market.
    Image Source: www.binarybook.com

    Image Source: www.binarybook.com

    1. Reputation Building – Schools are at the apex of maintaining their image. Studies have shown that people tend to respect what schools do as well as majority of their decisions provided that they aren’t controversial or adverse to the school’s thrust and mission/vision. It is then seen that doing business with a school is an effective character reference for any business and that provides a positive image for them.
    2. Nation Building – Students are the future of the World. They are the future leaders and managers that will lead the work force once they grow up. Planting your business’s image in their hearts will not only give your business a powerful brand recall, it will also be an effective marketing strategy in the future as many people will be more familiar with your brand.

    There are many more benefits to partnering with a school but the most important thing is that in whatever endeavour your business pursues, it is important to remember to stick to your values and that will naturally reward you both as an entrepreneur as well as a person.

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