How to Plan a Business Establishment in Canada after Immigration?

To obtain the Canadian business permit or the start-up visa of Canada, few steps you must take from the beginning with careful and methodical planning. If you can take the steps, things will be smooth for you. Business planning is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and methodical working. And then only things materialize as visualized.

How to plan your business in Canada?

Business planning demands following the steps below:

  • You will have to research well about the business. Points like what business you will be doing, where will you fetch the materials and product from, how the business will be targeting the market, how much revenue you may generate in the best and worst cases, and how you will arrange backup to manage disasters etc., all falls among the business planning.
  • Once this plan is ready, you may then contact the funding agencies and angel investors in Canada, who you may get listed in reputed Canadian websites, immigration agency websites etc. Your business plan and proposition must have enough strength to convince one of the investors to gain strength and support. You need to get the business plan approved by a Canadian venture capital fund, or a business incubator, or an angel investor.
  • Check eligibility if you can apply for the start-up visa or self-employed visa of Canada.
  • You will have to register your business and get the business number.
  • Then you will have to contact the Canadian Immigration Service. You may choose from reliable names like Maple Immigration Services. And then you will have to submit your file for the immigration start-up visa or self-employed visa processing.
  • Arrange for enough funds to immigrate, settle, and manage the initial days as the business gets set.

These steps if followed religiously can fetch your settlement with an established business in the country very well, and you can become a Canadian citizen and entrepreneur forever.

How to heck eligibility?

You will have to conform to different eligibilities for your settlement in Canada as a self-employed person or as an entrepreneur. If you want to settle in the country as a self-employed person, then you must be sure that:

  • You can contribute to the athletic or cultural Canadian life significantly with your experiences and participation.
  • You must have enough money and the intentions to use that in buying and maintaining a farm in Canada.

If you want to apply for the startup visa in Canada, then your conditions will be:

  • You must be able to read, write and speak in either French or English which would help you communicate freely in the country.
  • You must have funds enough to thrive in the country through the initial period of business establishment and the struggle period.


Canada is full of possibilities, and if you plan it right, save well, and then start the business, you are bound to get success in the strong economy of the country. People here have money and a good lifestyle to thrive well and also become healthy consumers. Hence businesses once established do good here, and the entrepreneurs can grow well with time.

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