Importance of maintenance management in a manufacturing company?

Maintenance is important for all industries, not just manufacturing. However, it is very important for manufacturing because it has big machines, complex equipment and costly assets. Incase if equipment, machines and asset stop working it can stop the production process.

maintenance management

For the manufacturing industry, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) have emerged as one of the best asset management software. According to Statista, “the advantages of adopting computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in the manufacturing industry worldwide in 2017. As of that time, 65 percent of the respondents indicated that CMMS helps improve the overall efficiency of plant manufacturing.”

What is maintenance management? Why it is required?

Maintenance management cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry as it is important for maintaining the asset in good condition and for smooth functioning & process of production.

It assists organizations with keeping up their assets while saving time and expenses to guarantee the most extreme proficiency of the manufacturing procedure, the utilities and related offices. It is a solution that assists with making sure about a dependable and acceptable nature of the creation, security for workers and saving the environment.

Maintenance management is used to prolong asset life. The upkeep management will include fix, substitution, and changing oil & air filter etc. It additionally guarantees the best possible working and to capture changes that happen in the process of the production.

The reality remains that, any sort of unplanned downtime even a minor one could lessen the general proficiency of machines which would prompt significant creation misfortunes. Hence, today is significant for associations to get and actualize a decent upkeep methodology.

What are the benefits of maintenance management software?

The benefits of maintenance management software are as follow:

Work order – Work orders include the activities that are needed to be done for maintenance purposes. Whenever work order is created and assigned to the technicians, the maintenance team is notified as well as a particular employee which is assigned.

Maintenance software allows employees to update information in real-time with a smartphone which means they do not have to wait for update information. Otherwise, they had to wait to return to their work station to update information. Moreover, smartphone application allows updating work order status, photos and videos of on-going work.

History tracking – When an asset history record is kept then it is easy to find the solution with a tracking record. Here is an example suppose you have an asset which is 3 years old. And with maintenance management software you can see asset performance.

And if it is not working as expected so you can make a decision either to give more time to asset via providing maintenance or either to sell this and purchase a new one. With asset maintenance history you can also see when asset expected life is ending. These types of intel assist you in taking better decisions.

Scheduling maintenance – Maintenance management software allows you to plan for future maintenance when a manager notices a small issue in the asset then scheduling of maintenance can be done. because if these small issues are ignored then they can turn into big issues which can impact the overall bottom-line of the organization.

Reducing maintenance expenses – When proper maintenance is provided to asset and equipment it reduces the chances of sudden asset breakdown. When the sudden breakdown is reduced the maintenance bill automatically reduces. As unexpected breakdown is increases downtime and it is expensive.

This maintenance software allows you to schedule maintenance as per the usage of the asset. For example, if the asset is used frequently then you may schedule maintenance frequency 15-30 days. If the asset is not used frequently then you can set the frequency at (2-3 months).

Increase asset life – Another benefit of providing maintenance on time is prolonged asset life. The best part of maintenance software is that managers do not have to remember manually which asset is maintained and which does not. As this software does it for you.

It enhances the productivity of the organization. When asset life is increased it means more growth and improved bottom line.

Conclusion – A maintenance management software or asset management software provide several advantages which can directly save money for an organization. For example, identifying non-productive assets, helpful in asset management, better resource allocation and efficient inventory management for effective maintenance work.

Maintenance software also gives detail reports about asset health, complete work order, pending activities etc. These reports are helpful in providing great insight which can be useful in business growth.

From taking the manual process to making it automated and giving alerts and notifications as per the requirement. There is no doubt that asset management software adds value to the organization. It fits in all type of organizations and thus organizations must invest in maintenance software for business growth & development.

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